Welcome, kittens! Join me in my new brand new dating agency and let’s chart the course of true love for all those lonely darlings!
It’s a brand new kind of dating game: Kitty Powers’ Matchmaker!
Join the Queen of Matchmakers, Kitty Powers, to create a successful dating agency by bringing lonely hearts together everywhere!
Delve into Kitty’s Little Black Book to find dates for your clients, and create happy new couples everywhere! However, as we all know, the path to true love never runs smooth. During the date, help out your clients as they navigate various unforeseen events. Successfully recovering from impending stomach troubles, or the appearance of an old flame, will help your clients have a successful evening. Use your matchmaking skills to the full and create the world’s most successful dating agency!
Connect with Facebook and send your avatar off on their own dating adventures at your friends’ agencies!
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