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Yuri Academy: My Secret Girl is a simulation game developed by Genius Studio Japan Inc..


Your story begins at a strict all girls high school. The kind that's strict enough to ban smartphones. You go to school together with your friend Lilia and hold a a little bit of a crush on her. She's assertive and can be bit of a bad girl, but she's always protected you from bullies. On the way to school one day, you unfortunately run into a pervert but Lilia is there to rescue you. "I'll always protect you." Her smile makes you feel something special.

Later that day at school, a mysterious transfer student named Anzu transfers into your school. Beautiful and smart, she quickly grabs everyone in the class' attention. She ends up sitting next to you and you've also been assigned to show her around. As you show her around, a stray ball from one of the sports teams comes flying your way, but Anzu is easily able to catch it, saving you from injury.

One day, you end up running late for school and because of this, you get stuck on the school festival committee. The school festival is held together with a local rival school and working on it is said to be a heavy task. When the time comes to decide the second committee member, both Anzu and Lilia raise their hands. Neither seems to want to back down and the committee ends up being a 3 person task.

On the way home, you come across a girl named Cindy who is being bothered by a couple of punks. Remembering how Lilia helped you, you decide to help her, but rather than thanking you, she has the nerve to tell you she didn't need your help! You can't help but feel betrayed by her attitude...z

The next day, your on your way to meet the festival committee of the rival school. But to your surprise, it turns out to be Cindy!


Audacious and a bit of a bad girl, Lilia has been your friend since childhood. She grew up in a very strict household and was "good girl" until she ran away from home one day. You told her that it's okay not to let your parents control her life and she's held those words to heart. Her parents have basically disowned her and she lives alone. However, she wants to protect you no matter what and make sure to always be on your side.

The mysterious transfer student. Beautiful, smart and athletic, Anzu seems to have it all. While many are a little afraid to approach her, she's actually just very shy and wants to make friends with her classmates. Her shyness ended up getting her into a misunderstanding at her previous school that caused all of her classmates to ignore her.

A half-American tsundere girl from a rival school. She feels receiving help from others as humiliating and sees you and the other committee members as dead weight. While she rivals Anzu in beauty and smarts, she has trust issues and isn't exactly popular with her classmates. Her mistrust of others comes from her being betrayed by a friend she thought she could trust.
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