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High School Secret Romance is a visual novel developed by Genius Inc.


Life as a teenager is already hard, but thanks to the mountain of debt left behind by your estranged mother, you and your father can barely make ends meet. Luckily, one of your father's connections offers you a spot at a prestigious high school that could change everything. But there's a catch—it’s an all-boys school, and you’ll need to pose as a boy to avoid getting kicked out!

Your first day seems to be going well… until your roommate, the student council president, sees through your disguise. He’s willing to offer you a deal, however—become the student council’s errand boy and your secret will be safe. Now you’ll not only have to guard your secret but also keep these aristocratic boys pleased! Are you ready for your life to turn into a BL novel?


Kaito — The Bossy Student Council President

Kaito is your typical bossy rich kid. He also happens to be the son of your father’s boss, so now you need to please him not only to keep your secret safe but to protect your father! As time goes by, you realize that just doing simple errands isn’t enough to satisfy him. Will you submit to him or let your family sink further into debt?

Ryo — The Even-Tempered Vice President

A cool and collected guy, Ryo is the brains behind the student council. He keeps Kaito in line, but he also has his eyes on you. He tends to be overly analytical, but that doesn’t necessarily mean he knows your secret, right? Is his teasing a way to test your loyalty to the student council, or does he know your secret and want to see you flustered?

Jun — The Extroverted Influencer

Jun is the sweetest of the student council members, and he’s just as good-looking as he is kind. A popular fashion mogul, he has a ton of fans online. Despite you being dressed as a boy, he shows a special interest in you… But how will your relationship fare when he discovers the truth? Does love know no bounds or will things between you come crumbling down?
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2 Évaluation(s), 1 Commentaire(s)
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