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Eternal Boys Side Project -Twilight Spica- is an audio novel game developed by coly Inc..

Introducing an audio novel app starring Story of Love!
A spin-off app of the anime "Eternal Boys",
In "Eternal Boy Sideproject -Twilight Spica-",
Introducing the secret story behind the formation of Strub, a young idol group that appeared in the anime!
In addition, that side of Gentlemen...! ?

Enjoy about 10 hours of high-volume audio novel with full voice.

Your personal assistant (PA), whose name and gender can be set, will support the six people who aim to become idols in various ways, from life support to mental care.

Depending on the answer you choose, their future may change greatly.

With only one thing in common, they have walked completely different paths.
…Hopefully, that’s it. May it be a love story.

◆ Gorgeous voice actors appear ◆
[Story of Love]
Souki Azuma: Chiaki Kobayashi 
Kento Takanashi: Sogo Nakamura 
Nobunaga Odagiri: Keisuke Kawamoto

Sawao Sota: Showtaro Morikubo 
Etsuro Aizen: Taku Terashima 
Irenji Atsui: Junha Kasama 
Kosaka Hajime: KENN

Graphiques Gameplay Valeur Histoire Son 3.7
40 Évaluation(s), 27 Commentaire(s)
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