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My Hero Academia: Ultra Rumble is a 24-person battle royale game developed by Bandai Co., Ltd.

The release date for the My Hero Academia Ultra Rumble battle royale closed beta has been announced and MHA fans can now sign up for it provided they live in Japan.The release date for when the My Hero Academia Ultra Rumble battle royale closed beta will come out is February 2nd.
This MHA closed demo will last until February 6th. When it does become available, the game will be playable on PlayStation, Xbox, PC, and Nintendo Switch.

According to the game’s website, battlefields will be comprised of eight teams consisting of three members. Each character will have a range of unique skills and abilities plus weaknesses.There will also be skill cards for you to collect to buff your strengths to annihilate the competition. Lastly, 12 characters will be available to play as in the demo.

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