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escape game: Present is a puzzle escape game developed by playPLANT. In this game, players need to escape from a room with a Christmas theme. Tap to find evidence and items that help your escape, and don't forget that the keyword is "Gift"!

It's a simple room escape game with a Christmas theme.

Explore Santa Claus's house, solve the mystery and escape!

[ Features ]
- Easy to start for first players. Challenge!
- Easy to operate with just a tap
- Solve tricks all over the place to find various items
- Multiple endings based on item completion status
- Autosave function
- The keyword is "Gift"

[ How to play ]
- As you tap the screen, you investigate the areas of interest
- Change the scene easily with tab the screen or arrows
- When you're in trouble, hints will help you get through it
- Use character Show/Hide button well
- Enjoy 3 different endings
-- The escape if you can escape successfully is "GOOD"
-- The escape with all the presents is "PERFECT"
-- After the PERFECT, the escape with all the extra presents is "WONDERFUL"

Please enjoy the slightly unusual world of playPLANT.

Twitter: @play_plant
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