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Yumi's Cells is a puzzle game developed by SKYWALK In this TV series adapted game, you can meet all characters in the original series and experience the story again. Explore the village and clear the stages!

"Yumi and her cells are back, this time in a match 3 puzzle game!
💗Yumi's Cells: The Puzzle💗

📣📣Explore the cell village!
Oh no! Actress cell is destroying the village.
Help restore the village through various missions!

🎈🎈Re-watch the series again through the game!
You can watch an episode after every 20 stages!
Let's relive the story of Yumi in the form of a game!

🧡🧡Meet your favorite cells!
Cute, stylish and adorable cells, all waiting for you!
Choose your favorite cell and help it grow!

🔔🔔Non-stop fun filled with exciting missions!
More than 400 stages to play all filled with special missions!
New levels and content updated regularly, so stay tuned!"


[SUPPORT] yumi-help@skywalkgames.com
* Customer Service is supported in English
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