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"The doll is Azami. It is said to be cursed. You have to take care of Azami for 7 days and let her depart in peace. Lets begin."

Don't let her alone.
Azami The Horror Growing Game

This app lets you take care of Azami for 7 days. This horror growing game's goal is to lead her rest in peace.

If you neglect caring her, "Azami's curse" will be built up.
With a curse she will come to you and try to kill you.

There are 3 different ends besides game over.
Can you lead her to rest in peace…?

1. Take care of her?She will transform once "Curse Gauge" is filled. If she transforms, you will have to do various tasks.

[How to take care of Azami]
・Hit "put hands together button" repeatedly when she approaches to screen.
・If her Hair grows, choose "Cut hair" and cut her hair by sliding.
・Repel souls by tap & drag

Game over when "Azami's curse" is filled.

2. Growth of Azami
Try to fulfill the caring gauge to let her grow.
Her growth will be recorded at "Doll Archives"?

3. Disturbances
Collect many disturbances using letters as hints. They will be recorded in "Disturbance Archives."
Azami can depart in peace if you can fill "Doll Archives" and "Disturbance Archives"

・"Azami's Curse" will be filled 10% per an hour. If you leave her for 10 hours, it will be 100% and will be Game Over.
However, by using "Help" you can get Caring Points, and avoid Game Over.
※0-5% will be filled in 10 minutes.

・Her transformation will occur within 10 minutes after latest transformation.
If you can log in frequently, this would be the best way to achieve the goal.

・When "Azami's curse" exceed 30%, her change will be biggest, also you can get more caring points. If you have less chances to log in, you can try this way.

・After 7 days, the game will automatically shift to the ending.
The ending will change depending on how you processed the game.

・It contains violent scenes. Please acknowledge if you are not good at violent expressions. This game is suggested for those who likes horror movies, and stories.

■ 「hipopo」Twitter

※ Please contact us for any problems, or technical questions.
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3 Évaluation(s), 0 Commentaire(s)
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