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Crystalized is a pixel parkour game developed by Roika for mobile. Crystalized - Endless Pixel Runner was created by 2 indie developers.

Main character of the game is girl Mana.

She lived in a peaceful town on the highest mountain in the world. The town was quite wealthy because of its magnificent crystals which were almost everywhere.

The weather there was quite severe and that is why no one wanted to deal with crystal extraction, except of native born citizens who had immunity to cold weather. One day something unexpected and scary happened - huge avalache felt.

She was out of the town that day watching how the avalanche buried her town under snow. She doesn't know what happened with her family and friends. Now she has no alternative but to try saving her life with running...
Graphiques Gameplay Valeur Histoire Son 3.6
5 Évaluation(s), 2 Commentaire(s)
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