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Happy Animal Hospital is a simulation game developed by Century UU Co.Ltd for mobile.
You are the first doctor in a new hospital!
Run a hospital and save a lot of troubled animals!

◆ Find a cure
Cold, headache, burns, insomnia, etc ... The animals on this island are suffering from various illnesses. Find a cure and help the animals.

◆ Make the building fancy!
You can increase the number of examination tables to see many patients simultaneously, put medicated water in it, and have them take a bath. If you make the hospital good, you may come across animals you haven't even looked at before. !! Let's make the building and the garden happy.

◆ Nurses, help me ~!
A chill sloth apprentice Miyubi-chan, a busy cat Hiroshi-Kun, and a reliable Bulldog Sanjurou. Try to run a hospital with such unique friends who are warm and funny?

■ Others
Prepare a splendid garden and grow a lot of fruits. The patient's heart will surely be healed. Let's exchange letters! You may be able to see the appearance of various animals that you can't usually see ...?
Let's dig up the ingredients for Chinese herbs in the field. Make a lot of medicine and auction valuable things!
There are also quizzes and mini-games!
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6 Évaluation(s), 4 Commentaire(s)
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