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Attack Together is a dungeon adventure game developed by WE ARE CUTE for mobile.

◈ Game Introduction ◈
Let's face the cute yet terrifying monsters and bosses together!

The boss and his henchmen are armed with unpredictable skills and patterns!

With users all over the world in real time, players can identify enemy patterns and cooperate together.
Reinforce your equipments with the rewards obtained by winning, and become the best fighter!

And let's face it together!

◈ Game Features ◈
▶ Online real-time CO-OP, PVE
▶ RPG base battle-attributes and various buff/debuff effects and skills
▶ Skills combined with one button (multiple strokes, collective shooting)
▶ Weapons and equipment of various looks
▶ Unique boss skills and patterns

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2 Évaluation(s), 1 Commentaire(s)
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