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Astra Tale is a side-scrolling fantasy adventure MMO developed by Funigame for mobile.

Freely adventure with your loved ones in the new world!

"Astra Tale-The Story of Love and Bonds-" is a fantasy adventure MMORPG with the theme of love and growth.
Enjoy your adventure in the new world "Larna Continent"! To fully customize your own character, there are elements such as a free training system and a collection of magical decorations for 12 constellations to power up. There are also various unique pets and spirits will appear as travel companions. Besides exciting adventure, the game is full of special events such as mining looting, tavern exploration, and treasure collection! Start your adventure now with Astra Tale!

Official site: https://asutora.funi-game.com
Twitter: https://twitter.com/asutorajp
Customer Service Center: cs@funi-game.com
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11 Évaluation(s), 5 Commentaire(s)
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