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199 Évaluation(s), 177 Commentaire(s)
Shining Maiden is an adventure game with moe girls developed by BigDipper for mobile.
Girls with the power from ancient scientific civilization,
and the tough journeys the girls must go through.
The fate of the girls are on your hands!

1. Character voice overs from Celebrities!
2. More than 60 Maidens who possess the power of ancient scientific civilization
3. A world where fantasy and SF coexist. Exciting scenarios!
4. Animated Card Strategy Battle!
5. Various events and unique characters. Will be updated from time to time!
6. A unique experience of fun battle! Team PVP and various PVE!
7. Join a guild! Get different benefits!
8. Collect and raise Maidens!
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199 Évaluation(s), 177 Commentaire(s)
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