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Battle Flex is a real time PvP battle game inspired by hiphop diss battle.
It has simple controls and rules, which easily allow users to start playing.
It also has a short play time, so you can enjoy fun and hip vibes while taking public transportation or a short break!

▶Features of Battle Flex◀
- Contains over 108 K-hiphop music and beats
- Diverse and creative diss skills that can be used in PvP play
- Design your own characters by combining 11 different parts
- Compete and receive rewards through weekly rankings

▶Main Functions◀
- Rhythm play with only 4 notes: tap, long, swipe, and long-swipe
- Distract your opponent’s play with creative diss skills including the use of sprays, balloon bombs, and DJs
- Strengthen performance through power-ups and upgrades of skill cards
- Enhance game stats using costume collections and equipment
- Unlock high rank albums according to victory trophies
- Request and provide Flex Chips between friends
- Provides various rewards according to weekly rankings
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5 Évaluation(s), 3 Commentaire(s)
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