On the morning of your entrance ceremony to Cencilia Fashion Academy,
you discover a mysterious puzzle piece in your bag.
The piece is a fragment of a secret formula to make your dreams of becoming a fashion designer come true.
In order to collect the remaining pieces, you set off on a fantastical quest...

◆What is Cencilia?◆
In the world of Cencilia, you must use your fashion sense to win battles by creating the best outfit possible.
Refine your fashion sense and create stunning outfits!

◆Outfit Creation◆
Cencilia offers over 4000 fashion items!
You can evolve your items to make them stronger and more beautiful.
A great outfit may even earn you praise from your peers!

◆Fashion Battles◆
You will encounter new rivals on your journey.
Collect strong items and aim for the highest score!
You can even preserve their memory in a special background!

Your travels through Piece World will bring you to numerous kingdoms.
Through meeting various people, you may come to know your own destiny!

◆Talented Voice Cast◆
The story features a splendid voice cast, including Toshiki Masuda, Yuuichirou Umehara, Youko Hikasa, Hikari Kayou, and more! (Voices are in Japanese)

◆Recommended for:◆
・People who like dress-up games or avatar games
・People who are interested in fashion, creating outfits, and cute clothes
・People who like games with voice acting
・People who like fantasy games
・People who like simple games, want to kill time, or escape from reality
Graphiques Gameplay Valeur Histoire Son 3.8
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