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Bunny More Cuteness Overload is a healing casual game developed by WHRP for mobile.
You have to check this out if you need healing!
Relaxing slow living at a farm full of bunnies!
Chat, pet, and please them…
Deepen your relationships with bunnies!

Attract bunnies with food and invite them to the farm!
Develop and customize the farm the way you like it!
You became much much closer to the bunnies!
Let's make that wish come true!

This time, you will run a farm full of bunnies!
Take over an abandoned farm, and develop it into a bunny paradise!

The bunnies that work on the moon colony realized that they can make a living through working
However, bunnies are constantly getting tired from working
Can these bunnies get any rest? With that wish in mind, a single bunny stands up to find a farm where all the bunnies can live…
Found one!
This is the paradise of bunnies?! Yes!!!!!

Develop the farm and harvest the meals for bunnies!
Develop the land and expand farm space!
Leave some food at the Scouting Square to call over hungry bunnies!
Negotiate with bunnies and invite them to the farm!

Slow living bunny raising simulation game that is laid back and cute!!!!

* The bunnies in this game are fictional. Please note that they are different from actual bunnies.

Recommended for these types of people
- People who love playing free games in their free time!
- Players who love addicting, free, casual games
- People looking for a simple game to kill time with
- Those who want a game that can be played at a leisurely pace
- People who love rabbits!
- ...and cats!
- ...dogs too!
- ...or any cute animal for that matter!
- People who enjoy surreal settings
- People who feel at ease watching relaxing, cute, and weird characters
- People who want to feel warm and fuzzy
- People who want a soothing experience
- People who feel worn out
- People who like lighthearted stories
- People who want a feeling of achievement
- People who like playing addictive games
- People searching for a game to play during short windows of time
- People who want something to do on their commute to work or school
- People who like accomplishing goals and completing collections
- People who like sharing their favorite apps on LINE, Facebook, and Twitter

- Background music and sound effects
効果音ラボ - 魔王魂 - くらげ工匠 - 小森平 - DOVA-SYNDROME
- Voice collaborators

* This game provides paid items.
* Free play is possible, but those who would like to progress at one shot can use these items.
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13 Évaluation(s), 3 Commentaire(s)
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