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AKAPAN NITE is a minimal, simplified dungeon crawler developed by Jet Studio Inc. for mobile. Come and collect hearts and move up through the levels towards the surface with AKAPAN NITE. 

Here are some hints to help you play:
- A turn based system! Be careful!
- Learn the characteristics of each monster to fight effectively
- Collect hearts to make the stairs appear!
- If you find more than one of the same piece of equipment, you can combine them to make them stronger
- Buy items and equipment from the shop to prepare for battle
- Eat food to recover your HP!
- Explore the whole level to get a bonus!
- Take any items you find with you to sell later
- Defeated enemies are recorded in the library!

Official Site: https://akapannite.com/
Twitter: https://twitter.com/AkapanNite

About purchases:
The app is free-to-play, with some in-app purchases available.

Compatible devices:
Devices with over 2GB of memory
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3 Évaluation(s), 3 Commentaire(s)
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