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Eternal Fantasia is a RPG developed by SKYENTERTAINMENT for mobile. 

○ Various contents that test the limits ○
From Monster Raid to Infinite Tower and PVP game mode!
Come and test your limits for higher growth

○ Exploration in a vast worldview ○
Explore and embark on an adventure!
A mysterious fantasy with a thrilling punk worldview!

○ Multi-class development that varies depending on the wearing item ○
 Come and customize various characters!
 5 types of equipped weapons that have different skills and killer moves!
Equip your characters with unique weapons and armor!

○ Strategic Combat Using Link Ability ○
Strategic and spectacular battles!
Use the best strategy according to the situation to win the battle!
Experience new battles that change rapidly in real time
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12 Évaluation(s), 7 Commentaire(s)
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