Create your own, charming teen idol star!
Create and customize your own character in detail!
From K-pop stars, webtoon characters, cartoons to animation characters!

1. Spruce up your character in a "Kawaii" style.
Choose from various cute outfits and hairstyles to create bewitching characters
You can customize hair color and skin tone from a diverse selection

2. Dream up special fashion ideas using various items such as Skirts, Bunny ears, earrings, necklaces etc.
Choose from over 1000+ items, over 35 categories of eyes/eyebrows/hairstyles/tops/bottoms/background to decorate your special fashion star.
Share and brag to others!

3. Create your own special "High School Fashion Star" through this dress up experience
Start a makeover for your friend to become a "High School Fashion Star" and create memories
Over 90+ save slots will be provided

4. Place freely anywhere on the screen
You can easily drag and drop to change the placement
Place several characters on the screen to create your own amazing idol group
Fill up your screen with your very own characters!

5. When you get sick of creating idol stars, try dressing yourself up!
Try new outfits you couldn't bring yourself to before!
Let's start the makeover!

Customize characters from webtoons, animations, games and many more!
Utilize various costume items to create unique characters you wanted!
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