Handmade wool puzzle "Drawoolly"

[ Game Introduce ]

■ Connect the same number of wool buttons to complete the picture!
- Play hundreds of stages.
- Using items to clear difficult stages.

■ Complete various pictures and collect completed pictures!
- Clear the stage and collect the pictures.
- You can check the completed picture anytime on the Frame tab.
- Get special rewards on the special stage, and enjoy the stories of Yarn and Woolly.

■ Real-time network 20 PVP Match!
- Play with other users in real time.
- Survive in a 20-PVP Match that lasts three rounds.
- Using special blocks and combo skills, complete the picture first.
- if you win a victory, Huge rewards are waiting for you.

[ Drawoolly Official Cafe ]
Check out the latest news and various events at the official cafe.

▶Official cafe:
▶ Homepage:

[Introduce access to Smartphone Apps ]
We do not request access when using the app.
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