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Begin the Story on Math Land!

A world where people use Math Guardian Monster for battle by answering math command. Only smart people can control strong Guardian!

The Story take place 10 year after The Great Math Battle, where 5 Legendary Dragon defeat Nemesis, the most powerful and uncontrollable dark Guardian that summoned by mysterious dark organization.

Play as Phi, a student from Math Academy that appear as "E" Class Student, lowest Grade student, that chosen by one most powerful "Legendary Binary Emperon".
Seek out the truth of the mystery behind tragedy of Great Math Battle 10 years ago and prevent the revival of Nemesis. During the adventure, you can raise Phi Grade by taking academy exam, and then prove to be worthy as Guardian Master of Legendary Dragon!

- Lovely Design, simple yet fun Art style!
- Collect More than 150 Math Guardian monster that spread across Math Land.
- Each area have unique and rare Math Monster Guardian.
- Each Guardian have their grade, strong and weakness type (plus, minus, multiply, divide) that affect the battle.
- Use guardian skill on battle. Each guardian have their unique skill.
- Fuse them to get ability that help you on battle!
- Take part for Grade Exam Test on Academy to raise your grade.
- Challenge the Legendary Guardian and gain their Power on battle.
- Enjoy the Chapter 1, Legendary Binary Awakening!

Raise your grade, level up your guardian, take challenge to face all legendary dragon and get their card to summon them on battle!

Capture all Guardians or Summon Guardians, and use them on battle!

I'll glad to hear your opinion and feedback about this game, send email to my email: seraphgamesstudio@gmail.com
Also visit my website on: https://www.seraphgamestudio.com
Graphiques Gameplay Valeur Histoire Son 3.7
19 Évaluation(s), 8 Commentaire(s)
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