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Build your own museum and become the greatest treasure hunter! Find and curate precious artifacts to show in exhibits, attract cute animal visitors and VIPs, and fund more dangerous expeditions. Become a museum tycoon and gain enough fame and fortune to reach the elusive Eggtopia.

- Easy, Fun, Intuitive Gameplay - loot artifacts from expeditions, setup exhibits, collect fame and fortune!
- Get Idle Cash and Fame - even when you're offline.
- Collect Them All - over 800 artifacts to discover across eras and locations. Dutch paintings, Mayan sculptures, Chinese writings, Indian dances, African monuments - learn your animal visitors learn about the rich tapestry of human culture.
- Design Rooms and Exhibits - buy new rooms and theme artifacts by type, era or geography to get even more cash and fame! Discover secret collections like the "Crown Jewels" or "Greek Mythology" to attract famous VIPs!
- Train Animal Hunters - recruit agile foxes, brave lions and lucky bears! Pick the best team based on the situation. Equip them with the right gear to go further in expeditions.
- Travel the World - over 150 locations to explore. Visit natural wonders like the Andes Mountains and the Serengeti, or urban centers like Tokyo and New York. The artifacts and enemies you find change based on the location.
- Unlock Secrets - by growing your museum and finding the rarest treasures, piece together why the world ended and humans became extinct!
- Free to Play - for life!
- No internet connection needed to play!

Become the greatest treasure hunter and museum tycoon in the new world! Download Histohunters TODAY!
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1 Évaluation(s), 1 Commentaire(s)
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