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Are you looking for a new block shape puzzle game? The new Candy Jigsaw puzzle game is here for you. Place bloc in the right alignment in shape puzzle Candy games levels. Solve the different puzzle levels by filling in candy jigsaw shapes and having fun.

Play Candy Block Puzzle

Candy Jigsaw Puzzle

Treat your sweet tooth as you enjoy a fun and exciting Candy jigsaw block game. Your goal is to fill the puzzle shape using the blocks in the correct alignment and order.

Place Blocks to Solve Puzzle Games

The game is designed to test your shape puzzle solving skills and predictive block puzzle skills alike. Play hundreds of unique shape puzzle levels and polish your block game skills as you clear one level after the other.

Features of Candy Block Puzzle & Jigsaw Puzzle

• Simple and easy Block games UI/UX
• Appealing Candy jigsaw block game design
• HD graphics and interactive shape puzzle gaming action
• Play hundreds of exciting Block puzzle levels and have fun
• Solve the Jigsaw puzzle levels by dragging and dropping shape puzzle blocks in right order
• Place blocks to fill the Candy block shape puzzle and solve the level
• Interactive sound effects and cool background music for more fun
• Play the candy jigsaw Block games for as long as you like
• View your Block puzzle score from the game screen and set new records
• View the Candy block selection at the start of level and use your strategy to place blocks in their right place in a single move for each block

Will you like to experience the fun of Block puzzle game in your free time? The unique Candy block shape puzzle game is ideal for you.
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