Hero * Senki WW is a mobile simulation RPG developed by DMMGAMES where heroes worldwide compete for supremacy.

"Hero * Senki WW"
Aim for world domination with "Beautiful Girl Heroes" drawn by popular illustrators such as Ashito Oyari! !!

■ Synopsis
A hero lost his memory and became the king of Zipangu, an island nation in the Far East, holding hands with heroes from each country confronting a conspiracy involving the world.

■ Game points ・ Auto battle, regional control type simulation RPG can be enjoyed easily at 3x speed.
-A tactical battle system that takes place on the familiar 3x6 board in the series.-Considering the compatibility and brave of 9 attributes fight strategically!
-Manipulate multiple units to push through the map and develop the battlefield to your advantage!
-Full of elements such as abundant character development elements!
・ If you raise the liking of your favorite "Bishojo Hero," you will also have a unique scenario.
Graphiques Gameplay Valeur Histoire Son 4.4
42 Évaluation(s), 23 Commentaire(s)
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