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Welcome to Cat Mansion.
Lets find all the Magic Cats hiding in this mansion. And help breaking the curse to restore their memories as a withces and wizards again!

Cat Mansion, a mysterious place and forbidden for any human. You can decorate the place with magic items to lure the magic cats out and many more mini games in the mansion such as Mandrake Planting, Cat Jigsaw, etc.

Game features
- Plenty of magic cats to collect and the inside story behind the mysterious curse.
- Taking photo of adorable magic cats to lift the curse and share them to other people.
- Enjoy playing fun mini games to earn magic orbs.
- You can unlock new magnificent magic world scenes.
- Discover new mysterious magic trick in the scene.

If you love magic world and eager to discover the secret behind the magic cats curse, join us in Cat Mansion.
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7 Évaluation(s), 5 Commentaire(s)
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