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This game is the Fan-Made STG Game of [The Touhou Project](Boss Rush Style).
Please destroy the boss that attacks one after another, and aim for the update of high score and clear rank.

【How to Play】
 Slide your favorite spot on the screen and your character will move.
 (It is easy to avoid because you can’t hide hit judgment by sliding your fingers slightly under your character)
 Shots are fired automatically.
 You can switch shot ON / OFF on the setting menu.
 Erase the bullet in the screen, and damage the boss.
 However, the laser can not be erased. (It's problem of the creater's programming skills)
 Because there was no mind to make a bomb for each character, I all made a 「風神録」style bomb.
 ※You can choose from 3 ways to fire bomb. (From Config Menu)
 (1)Double Tap Style
  If you double tap the screen, you can shoot the Bomb.
  The sensitivity of double tap can be changed by setting.
  (Increasing the number makes it easier to shoot bombs, but it also increases mistakes)
 (2)Bomb Button Style
  If you push the button, Bomb will fire.
  Button position and transparency can be changed by setting.
 (3)Bomb Invalid Style
  It is challenge with no bomb. Brave.

 You can play 12 stages「紅~天、Extra、Phantasm」.
[Spell Practice]
 You can practice SpellCard that you played more than once at [stage]. It's convenient.

Please feel free to contact me with any comments, questions, opinions, etc. on this game.

【Corresponding Terminal】
You can play Android SmartPhone/Tablet.

Primary Production Source:
[Team Shanghai Alice]

【BGM Reference】
[Title&Menu BGM]
 Arrange BGM on Title/Menu:猫舌ロロ様

[Game BGM]
 ・Arrange BGM on 紅~天 stage:クロネコラウンジ様
 ・Arrange BGM on Extra stage(on way)・・・FD様(@fd1005)
 ・Arrange BGM on Extra stage(boss)・・・音雨様
 ・Arrange BGM on Phantasm stage(on way)・・・まつりみ様
 ・Arrange BGM on Phantasm stage(boss)・・・ちぇあ様

【SE Reference】

【Image Reference】
[dairi & haruka]
[Touhou Danmaku Material Collection]
[WARGO pattern]
[BEIZ Graphics]

This app images and sound effects (some exceptions) is using the free material.
Graphiques Gameplay Valeur Histoire Son 4.8
273 Évaluation(s), 164 Commentaire(s)
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