Through Chibi Girl Doll Maker,
Create your very own cute and special anime characters!
Dress up a cute character and save it as a cute wallpaper on your device.

Stretch your imagination and creativity with Chibi Girl Doll Maker!
Create your own character and share it with your friends on social network platforms like Instagram and Facebook.
Create wallpapers with your own characters and save them on your device.

Choose your favorite hairstyle for Chibi Girl and complete her look with kawaii eyes, eyebrows, and blush. Add accessories to match her outfit!

* Diverse skin tones and hair styles
* Facial features and accessories
* Numerous outfits
* Make your own cute wallpaper

If you like dress-up and avatar-making games, you will definitely love this game!
Make your own avatar and surprise your friends with an avatar just like them.
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