■RPG Map Land
Background: fantasy world RPG game
World: There are tiles left for bugs everywhere and there are undeveloped areas
Colleagues: Heroes of each race form a direct expedition to save Mapland
Residents: Because they do not recognize themselves as NPCs, they are afraid and leave work to others.

■Map-land Developer
President Kim Gwang-taek: President of Mabu Games.
Team Leader Kim Goe-bal: The main culprit of the bug. Rumors that it was developed with feet
Mobile employee: Has a mysterious ability to enter the game via USB
Assistant Manager Lee, Assistant Manager Ham: in charge of planning and art.

■The game is down
It is a game with heartwarming users who sometimes scold and support the developers who are trying to keep the game from breaking through constant updates for 2 years and the developers who pour out a lot of bugs.
This is a dot-idled rpg game produced by Marf Games, which created the middle-aged knight Kim Bong-sik, the originator of the Korean idle game.
Graphiques Gameplay Valeur Histoire Son 4.1
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