7 Billion Zombies is an idle RPG developed by CANDY SOFT, INC for mobile,

The world is now full of zombies.
Defeat all zombies around the world with the world's strongest team.

▣ Official Cafe ▣

▣ Event ▣
▶ Just proceed with plenty of cash! Free VIP Pass Growth Fund !
▶ A lot of gold just by connecting! Free 30-day gold supply !
▶ Rapid growth just by neglect! Free 30-day pass twice the battle speed !
▶ Just attendance is enough cash! Free 30-day cash supply pass !

▣ Game introduction ▣
▶ The best AFK idle game
Relax your hand and heart! The battle is cool and stylish!

▶ PVP with a new strategy every day
Reach the world's best class with the best team management!

▶ Endless growth and competition
Grow into the strongest team and take over a higher stage than anyone else!

▶ World Boss that grows with users
Defeat the infinitely growing World Boss with users around the world
Get a huge reward!
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Graphiques Gameplay Valeur Histoire Son 2.4
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