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The main character join the the longed-for advertising agency where he meets "Him". While he works under his supervision, adoration gradually develops into a special feeling...
Painful yet unstoppable feeling among men.
There is no going back once you fall for.

Enjoy "The Exquisit Top Floor Office Love" with men in beautiful suit.

■Game info
"Tangled ties fall in love at the top of the building" is a novel-style BL dating-sim.
How the main characters love ends up all depends on your choices.
Depending on you choices, the numbers of episodes and the epilogue varies.

normal epilogue …total 9 episodes *
good epilogue… total 10 episodes **
best epilogue…total 10 episodes ***
※Depending on you choices between common episode episode1 to episode8 ,the epilogue varies.

You can enjoy the prologue for free.
Purchase unit is on a character basis. You can play your purchased character repeatedly once you purchase a character.
You can play the different epilogues by purchasing "epilogue".
■Different stories for each character
You can enjoy different stories by buying each characters.
■Likability rating is up to your choices
As the episodes develops, you will be asked to make choices.
How the story ends depend on your choices.
■Bonus stills
There are throbbing images during the stories.Where they appear varies by characters.
If you end up with the best epilogue, you'll get the best end still that are different from common route.
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1 Évaluation(s), 1 Commentaire(s)
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