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Idle Space Farm is a casual idle simulation game developed by Heatherglade Publishing for mobile.

Love farming games, but tired of the same old vegetables and fruit??
Here's a whole new galaxy of farming! It's cool, it’s fun and it’s exciting!
Check out "Idle Space Farm"!

No more boring grinding, enough of routine gameplay! Idle Space Farm is a TYCOON SIMULATOR THAT DEFIED GRAVITY!
Grow your farm, find new alien animals, and keep farming coins! No other idle farm game has ever been so unique and cute! Improve and optimize your farm, invest in your animals, earn more coin - create your farming galaxy!

The legacy of farming idle games continues in the new generation! Wanna go to space? Now you can! Click! Tap! Build! Upgrade!

- You will develop the coolest farm in the galaxy ever! Fill your planet with alien animals!
- Diversity! Aliens come in every form, and all shapes and sizes
-All about fun! Pure farming experience, easy gameplay and cool crops - guaranteed!
- Amazing artwork and animation! Best looking art in any idle miner!
- It's a revolution in tycoon simulators! Tap away all your sorrows!
- A huge amount of upgrades!
- Idle clickers are awesome! So join the big community of fans of this genre! Upgrade endlessly! Swipe, click, tap and swipe some more!

Prepare yourself for the best farm building simulator in your life!
Ready, set, go! Tap!
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Personne n'a encore noté ce jeu
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