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SUSHI-TAMA is an invigorating puzzle game easy enough for everyone to enjoy!
Enjoy popular match three puzzles with a side of sushi!
Set out with your friends Nekokichi and Monta to become the world’s number one sushi master♪

◆How to Play◆
Gameplay is extremely simple♪
Clear sushi by lining up three of the same kind- that’s all there is to it!
Clearing certain numbers of sushi will cause special sushi to appear.
Over 200 stages packed with replay value!
Try to clear them all!

◆Fun Tips◆
・Clearing lots of sushi chains gives big points!
・Combine special sushi for even bigger effects!
・Clearing objectives brings bonuses and fever time. Now’s your chance to score big!
・Get assist items! Will they make the difference on that hard to crack stage?
・Link up with Facebook and Twitter to enjoy with friends!
・Easily check how far your friends have progressed♪
・You can exchange extra lives and compete for the highest score on the ranking board! So what are you waiting for? Play together now!

May cause sushi cravings; exercise caution when playing on an empty stomach!!

※If the app isn’t running properly※
・May not run properly on devices with low specs.
・May not run properly on devices with little free space.
・May not be able to update on devices with little free space.
・If the app runs slow, freezes, or force closes, please close all apps running in the background and restart your device.

Please direct inquiries and requests to the e-mail address below.
Messages will be responded to promptly.
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