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☞ Autre version: Chinois Traditionnel

One Hundred Day Princess is a mobile romance otome game where players role-play as a girl who enters a magicial realm accidentally and is on her way to become a princess. Many handsome characters will be around her during her stay in this world and she can develop a romantic relationship with the one she loves the most. It has been rumored that on the day she becomes a princess, she will receive a special gift... 
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26 Évaluation(s), 2 Commentaire(s)
100日間のプリンセス◆もうひとつのイケメン王宮 恋愛ゲーム 100日公主◆美男宮殿現代樂章 | 日版 Sera installé sur votre appareil CYBIRD Télécharger l'APK
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