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The official puzzle game of the wide-area idol group STU48 based in Setouchi!
Pull the numbers and get original images of STU48 members!

1. Original members of STU48 appear in total

The original members of STU48 are here!
Members have numbers on them.
The higher the number, the more points and coins you get.
The members can get on the stage on board.

2. How to get members

First of all, just decide who you want to be on the stage and pull.
However, the number ball can only be pulled from a small number to a large number!
If you reduce the displayed numbers to 0, you can make the members stand!

3. Chain bonus

Pull members, from small numbers to large numbers
The more points you connect, the more bonus points you get.
It is recommended that you move your finger carefully, because it can be pulled up, down, left, right, and diagonally.

4. Game clear conditions

The number of times you can pull members in one game and the number of people who can stand on the stage are decided.
The game is clear if you meet those conditions.
As a clear privilege, the number of live concerts of members has increased. On the collection screen
Images of cleared members will be saved.
Multiple stage costumes also appeared! Over 120 million combinations of members and stage costumes!
The number of pulls can be increased during play due to coin consumption.

5. Finally

Of course you'll love your favorite guys!
Let's put a lot of guys on the stage and watch the members grow!
You can also add members by consuming coins during the game!
The Setouchi wind is calling you! Now to the world of STU48! Feel so Good!
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Personne n'a encore noté ce jeu
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