Doki Doki Sweets Girlfriend is a love simulation game developed by Genius Studio Japan for mobile. Genius Studio Japan is proud to bring you a special collaboration with “Tohoku Zunko!”


You’re a high school student that’s inherited a Japanese sweets shop. Business is slow, but one day a cute girl shows up on your doorstep saying she’s starving! You bring her inside and try to feed her some sweets, but she states he can only eat “Zunda Mochi,” a specialty of Northern Japan! You somehow manage to find some and bring it back to her and she suddenly regains her strength! She says her name is Tohoku Zunko and that if you want your business to succeed, you need to start selling... Zunda mochi!

She ends up staying with you to help your business, but things start to get a little crazy when her two sisters show up!

Will you be able to take your store to the next level with her special zunda mochi? Will you be able to unlock the secrets of their hearts?

Find out in Doki Doki Sweets Girlfriend!


Tohoku Zunko

She’s a kindhearted soul who cares for the people around her and always tries to look on the positive side of things. She’s an expert archer and can use her magical bow and arrow to convert regular mochi into zunda mochi! She can get a little too passionate when it comes to zunda mochi, but she never means any harm. Will you be able to create the ultimate zunda mochi with her?

Tohoku Itako

Itako is Zunko’s older sister and is a spiritual medium. She acts as Zunko’s agent and wants nothing more than to see her sister be recognized all throughout the country. Though she has the power to call upon the spirits, she isn’t what you would call “good” at it…
Check out the game to meet all kinds of other characters from the Tohoku Zunko universe including Zunko’s fierce younger sister, Kiritan!

■About "Tohoku Zunko"■

Tohoku Zunko is a character that was created by SSS LLC. to promote the northern Tohoku region of Japan after the 2011 Tohoku earthquake and Tsunami. She's named after a traditional delicacy from the area known as "zunda mochi" which is mochi topped with mashed edamame beans.
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