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Action development game.

A long-awaited first child was born between a million years old old man and hag!

However, the world was dominated by aliens and it has degenerated to rough design due to lack of nutrition.

In order to revive my child hag a cooking
"hag's full course baby food version"
There is no choice but to complete.

The ingredients are rare parts of the meat of aliens. The Battle of hag a begins now.

■ The action that is refreshing just to tap it
By finger one operation of the monster
It is gone on the rampage by a large crowd partner.

■ hag become gigantic, transform into a big baby
The first Hag in the series giant. Overruling aliens and huge boss
You can enjoy a battle of grabbing. Let 's decide Favorite hold.

■ Abundant mini-game
Gold necessary all the time
It is equipped with the mini-game which can make money in を Highway.
Even as for the busy businessman
The illegally parked function of the relief is equipped, too.

■ First in the series, baby appears
A baby that is too weak to degenerate to a rough design.
However, it will evolve steadily with Hag's cooking. Let's enjoy our child's growth.

■ Collect treasure!
By menu completion treasure
Of a meeting, an old man and the hag
I can enjoy reaction.

■ Series for the first time multi-ending
In the choice of the event ending
Change. Let's confirm all ending.
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1 Évaluation(s), 1 Commentaire(s)
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