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☞ Autre version: Chinois Traditionnel

Suddenly became a wife of all of the 7 hot handsome celebrities!
You have to follow 3 sweet requirements as their wife!


You are working as a freelancer designer. Everything is good so far for your job but you don't have a hot boyfriend yet.
"I want to marry a hot guy!"
While you are crying out for that, a shooting star suddenly appears...
The following morning, you wake up in a gorgeous castle-like house!
And who is the guy hugging you so tight!?
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13 Évaluation(s), 0 Commentaire(s)
旦那さまが7人いる イケメンと結婚する無料人気恋愛ゲーム 我與七個老公的上流生活 | 日版 Sera installé sur votre appareil アリスマティック Télécharger l'APK
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