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Lune is an adventure game developed by LearnDistrict Inc.

“Lune” takes place in a distant future, where humanity has achieved deep space travel and created sentient AI. The player enters as Turin and is prompted to make choices, which will dictate her statistics, battle options and ultimately decide her fate.

Trapped on the moon, Turin and her companions must uncover mysteries and work together in the face of ever waning odds. Choose your path as you watch this immersive story unfold. Will you align yourself with humanity or machine? Or perhaps you will find another way.

Lune was designed by Bridgette, 16, a finalist of Google Play’s Change the Game Design Challenge. In partnership with Girls Make Games, Bridgette worked with GMG’s development team to bring her game to life.

About Girls Make Games:
Girls Make Games runs summer camps and workshops that teach girls ages 8-18 how to design and code video games. For more information, visit www.girlsmakegames.com
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1 Évaluation(s), 0 Commentaire(s)
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