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Get swept away in a whirlwind romance with 4 new suitors in our new exclusive series! Read the Prologue and first chapter of every route for free!

Love, Lies and a Heist Summary:
You're a country girl who left for the big city with big dreams?but little did you know that you'd be getting a lot more than you bargained for!

Welcome to 1920's Laurelia, a bustling city home to an infamous aristocratic feud?a feud you soon find yourself tangled up in too. After pretending to be a socialite and infiltrating the party of one of the most powerful families in town, you end up being saved by a mysterious man. You can't stop thinking of him...but is he friend or foe?

In a world full of danger, adventure and romance, which side of the coin will you fall on?

Download the app now and enjoy your romances!
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