IRateYourShit Mobile Legends: Bang Bang


shit game
市音 Mobile Legends: Bang Bang


This is my Personal Opinion and also Review so Far about this Game, this Game is Plagiarism of the PC Game "League of Legends" from Riot Games, that's True. The Gameplay of this Game was not Challenging enough that compared with the Other Moba. No Fog of War likes AoV, WarSong, King of Glory, ect. No Core Tower at the base likes Legend of Kingdoms, Vainglory, MobaCraft, ect. No Vision Ward likes Legend of Kingdoms, Vainglory, MobaCraft, ect. Everything was made simple in this Game, soon, League of Legends Wild Rift would be Released. I can't wait for this One.... [開心][開心][開心][開心][開心]
アマーワイル Mobile Legends: Bang Bang


Toxic players, Gamethrowers and solos took-over this game! and all they talk about is reporting each other. Even ur teammates starts complaining before the match starts.
Go find another game if you care about your sanity . 😒
Adhitya Nuryana Mobile Legends: Bang Bang


kenapa tambah lag anjir setelah update ???
benerin dlu dah server ketimbang update yg gk jelas
Katekichi Kun Mobile Legends: Bang Bang


game ccd moba kok analog
miri~chan Mobile Legends: Bang Bang


Alguien se echa una conmigo :'v??
Rumi Mobile Legends: Bang Bang


Gini loh, yang ngeluh2 tentang banyak bocil, main bacot/toxic, troll, Itu ranknya apa? coba deh ke Mythic, jarang ketemu sama player yang begituan [發困]

Btw RAM gw 2Gb main Graphic Medium aman-aman aja, saran aja kalo main batreinya jangan dibawah 20% dan jangan main sambil ngeCharge entar Framedrop
Lima Lima Mobile Legends: Bang Bang


It's a great game and I like it, been playing it for almost 3 yrs now 🤙.to those who are planning to play I suggest to go through some YouTube tutorials first (there are a lot one em) and it's not a instantaneous mastering game and neither is it Ezy so take ur time cuz the goal isn't to become a top player but to enjoy it. It's literally play,learn and try to rank up in a nutshell 😁
Xaka Mobile Legends: Bang Bang


People who are saying that who says this game is trash they dont know anything about moba and u cant rank up so u come on, im a mythical glory 1.6k points and im saying this game is bad. I have been grinding for top global gusion and miya and there are so many cheaters in the leaderboard that you can never ever ride that much. they play against their friends with 40+ kills each game. now tell me if this game is trash or not. the mmr doesnt matter here, moonton gives no fck about this lb cheat...they are after the afk people who are sufferring from their server lag. Now prove me wrong. Then i will say this game is good
Priya... Mobile Legends: Bang Bang


amazing game i love it [色色]
if anybody like to play with me in game then add me on instagram there i tell you my account name or id
i like to play in team if anybody want me in team then
instagram priya_queenr52
game id name IND_PRIYA
Muhammad Andy Reza Mobile Legends: Bang Bang


belum seru kalo belum mithic,kalean yg bcd asli epic :V, maen aja g paham bacod yg paham,pantes g naek2 rank lu
せいら Mobile Legends: Bang Bang


Great game , good graphics-

everything in this app is a thumbs up for me except when there are toxic players who could ruin your mood tbh . [發困][發困][發困]

EDIT: already giving up with this game because of the crappy matchmaking plus everytime I play rank , the signal changes from green to yellow to red even though my signal's good ??? My game constantly shuts down when I see'm the middle of battle gatherings..... SMH . ML needs to fix this shit lmao .

EDIT 2: maybe .... it's getting better after I reinstall the game , but let's see .... I still doubt it though . I hope it's somehow fine compared to my last time's experience .
aNAndA viOLeta Mobile Legends: Bang Bang


my favorite game since 2016 started season 3 then
et.senpai Mobile Legends: Bang Bang


It's a good game honestly its kinda hard sometimes sice you have to pay to win but its fun and its like LoL which is even more amazing
Plus thi game got me "hooked "
DimasAdhiNugroho Mobile Legends: Bang Bang


welp, phonetato friendly, simplified MOBA gameplay with quicker pace to fit in your phone, even it's sued a Copycat, liked it👍 ez to learn, hard to master. no offense. only my subjective opinion.
hamane said Mobile Legends: Bang Bang


Look for those who say that this game is trash , community is toxic bla bla bla ... you can carry your games solo if you know what yo do . this game is easy AF . biggest proof is that i reached the highest rank (mythical glory) in less than a month . the only thing i dislike is the monetisation , everything is overpriced in this game ...
satrio wibisono Mobile Legends: Bang Bang


its quite fun for a centain time but when you wanna play it without party you better watch it for a toxic comunity. and for me thats not okay.
Aldrin Dennis Dela Pena (Drine) Mobile Legends: Bang Bang


Graphics is not that great compare to other MOBA i played in mobile, sound support English and Japanese voice in heroes and commentary voice is not that bad, gameplay is okay somehow new heroes is always OP then later in game get nerf, they just want you to spend at first, it has many modes now but i prefer the classic gameplay. I don't know why other tell this is P2W spending for skin doesn't affect the chance of winning it's all about skills and strategy and team play. You just have to find which hero you good at then you buy it with gold or gems depend on you. That's why always practice /trial in AI first before venturing to actual combat to avoid being toxic/cancer and dragging your team to lose. Equipments can be optimised based on popularity build it not that hard to decide as well. Every MOBA depend on players skills not on Skin, emblems or how much you spend it's all about teamwork. It's best if you have friends to team up and come up a strategy and balancing the hero line up.
Masangi Chinzah Mobile Legends: Bang Bang


when you play this game dont angry,because when the signal was bad,and this game is fun game,and a good game.
Sᴀᴄʜɪɪʀᴏ Mobile Legends: Bang Bang


ini yg koar koar gajelas punya masalah idup apa dah? kalian caper? gak diberi perhatian sama orang tua kalian? aww kesian banget :( lain kali cari perhatian di lapak lain aja. kalian sampah disini.


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