Мурад Незнакомец THE KING OF FIGHTERS for Girls


полнейшее хуета, не какого баланса и игры, чисто общаешься и ходишь на тренировки, не каких миссий нет... полное отсутствие системы, много недоработков, тупо на китайском общаешься с героями и больше... не знаю почему эта хренота столько вешает почти 3 гига
Cesar Campos THE KING OF FIGHTERS for Girls


no se como iniciar sesion... me ayudan?
gaqulin THE KING OF FIGHTERS for Girls


because i's not world wide I rate it that way
spicavenius THE KING OF FIGHTERS for Girls


Wahoo an otome game, and with the KOF guys no less! God, kuren62's art is magnificent.

I'm not expecting much at all from this game. And no one really needs to. In fact, there's quite a lot that I don't care about that others don't like in here. I don't care about the low ssr rate, and I don't care about the infinitesimal gameplay (literally just tap the screen a bunch until you don't need to anymore)

Why am I giving it such a low review then?

The game, at least for me, loads terribly. A few people have already noted how there are loading screens everywhere, but my biggest problem is the crashes. On my tablet, it crashes whenever any gameplay happens (training and fight). With training, it's not that bad because at least the menu loads and the whole session happens, but it's only a matter of time before screen goes black and oop, home screen. And with fighting, forget about it. It wont load. Ever. Maybe once in a blue moon, but probably not. I've only ever gotten it to run a fight like 3 times and that was it. This is a huge problem because this is one of the only parts in the game where you can get diamonds to roll for more cards. And the current event content available right now is only unlockable through fights, which I can't do. I even tried playing through an emulator in hopes it would play the fights, but nope, same results as before.

I'm probably being a little too harsh on this game, but this is a pretty rough start to it. The initial game download (after the prologue) is a whole 1.19 gigs, which is very odd. The recent update was 778mb. What the heck? Something is a little fishy.

tl;dr: This game is not very good because of the crashes, which prevent me from enjoying the central point of the game (rolling), and the oddly huge file sizes.

(I will most likely up my rating when they fix it. I did send them a support email about this but basically the response email says "there are a lot of bugs we're still trying to fix.")
Sherrice jackson THE KING OF FIGHTERS for Girls


been waiting for this game to be released since this summer (was hoping to finally get away from KOFAS) and I'm totally disappointed.

the gacha rate is alright.

3% ssr
20% sr
70% R

the game play is super simple (auto garbage.) you basically train the guys themselves and also level the cards you get. i get it. i get that a lot of females don't particularly like playing fighting games but if there are fighters in it i would expect more than just auto and tapping the screen.

i would totally be okay with this (seriously that's how much i can't stand KOFAS currently) except for the fact that two things stand in the way.

1.) the damn download is 1.07 gb. that's ridiculous for a game that just started.

2.) the biggest problem is the vpn requirement. i don't know what this game is thinking. it didn't make the pre-reg of 100k so limiting the amount of people who can play right off the bat is a horrible idea.

Niconii16 THE KING OF FIGHTERS for Girls


-awesome graphics for an otome style KOF
-gacha rates and currency are decent, better than most gachas

-literally 0 gameplay, i can say that this game is almost purely KOF dating sim and that's about it. selling point of the game is only KOF ikemen version, nothing else
-i can't read japanese and i'm sure most of us non japanese speaker can't either, and it's bad for us non japanese speaker to be unable to read the story without having to translate every single line(this is a dating sim game so being able to read story is #1 priority imo)
Sora Kuzunoha THE KING OF FIGHTERS for Girls


It's pretty good for people who like idle game, because everything is auto. but for people that like to play more heavy games it's kind of boring.
Dea Nacita THE KING OF FIGHTERS for Girls


For all aspect in the game, i like it. Except one thing : THE LANGUAGE!
I don't understand even a word in this game. But this game is game is really good after all.
I hope there's a global version of this game because i can't understand anything in this game. ≥﹏≤(৹ᵒ̴̶̷᷄﹏ᵒ̴̶̷᷅৹)
Haruka6996 THE KING OF FIGHTERS for Girls


Игра, конечно, увлекательная и красивая, но для 2019 года подобный геймплей (даже для фармилок это через чур слабо) вообще никакой. Я не увидела здесь каких-либо заданий для тренировок и битв, просто ставишь карточки и качаешь их... Все.
Возможно, сама история тут хорошая (ещё и фуллвойс), но так как я не особо умею в жапаниз, то просто предположу, что сторик тут хорош.
Не думаю, что игра долго проживёт с таким геймплеем, даже не смотря на то, что коф сам по себе популярный фд. Тут просто нечего делать по факту.
Кстати, теперь работает без vpn.


I've been a KOF fangirl since 1994 (JAPAN TEAM and the FATAL FURY TEAM!) and I was so happy when I saw that they have a game where you can romance the guys - DROOL 🤤

The story isn't really much, so-so. You can train the guys and have them fight some peeps to collect gold and stuff to strengthen your cards... They do this in chibi mode fyi. Seeing them do their signature moves in chibi mode is just adorable!

As for the character designs, I'm not a fan of it. It also seems that some characters have different seiyuus in the game, but I don't mind... Except for Shingo, I want him to be voiced by Koyasu Takehito FOREVER! Hahaha.

Before I end this review though, why is Bao in the game??? I mean I can think of other eligible bachelors in the KOF franchise that they can include on here, but instead they chose Bao - Why not Ralf or Clark? It baffles the mind... 🤨

So anyway, I recommend this game to all the KOF fangirls out there. Just don't expect much. 😊
Kizaru Meganekko THE KING OF FIGHTERS for Girls


sailor_moon~ THE KING OF FIGHTERS for Girls


i never played the game yet, but it looks DECENT and i don't normally play these games because i don't like these kind of games, but i'm disappointed of the kof characters that was chosen
and i rather date the females because they should be dated not the guys

1. why the HELL is bao in this game

2. why are some characters not date-ble like ( ken-sou, Damion )

3. why is Robert in this game i thought he was dating Yuri? ( he prob not date ble either but whatever )



that my problems with the game

my ups are this

1. i hope i can name my character lesbian or anime lesbian

2. i better not have sex scenes in this game

3. i better have some good characters

4. i want to customize my female char.

i'm not lesbian but still

~ cutie ray ~
Raccoon Ch Top Contributor THE KING OF FIGHTERS for Girls


การเล่นเกมนั้นง่ายมาก ระบบส่วนใหญ่จะเป็นอัตโนมัติ จริงๆแล้วเกมต่อสู้แบบนี้ผู้หญิงคงน่าจะไม่ชอบเล่นเท่าไหร่คงน่าเบื่อแย่เลย เกมนี้ตอนแรกโหลดมาไม่ใหญ่มากแต่เล่นไปมามันให้โหลดเพิ่มอีกใหญ่พอควรเลย อีกอย่างมันจำเป็นที่จะต้องใช้ VPN เล่นด้วยนะจ๊ะ
du du lu THE KING OF FIGHTERS for Girls


Pretty nice tho
Fenrir Wolfenos THE KING OF FIGHTERS for Girls


مارن لوميرا THE KING OF FIGHTERS for Girls


i want to date ash, were is he?!![可憐]
pls add ash to this game[大哭][大哭]
Peerawutgaga THE KING OF FIGHTERS for Girls


- The graphics are very good. Although it is not very much animation but the still images are beautiful.
- The overall sound is fine. BGM and sound effect is OK and the actors' voice are good. The balance between them are OK.
- The game play is disappointed me a little. It may too simple and easy to complete. I can't see how difference in each difficulty.
- The story is good. Even though it is very "RPG" but there are a lot of story to follow.
- You can survive in this game without paying. The paid player can complete the event with significant less effort. Will I pay? Maybe.
- The gasha rate and the price are reasonable. You can collect the gems and buy every event gasha once without buying the gems.
- The software quality is fine. The performance has been improved significantly and many defects have been fixed since the game was released.
- I haven't tried game support.
- The overall of this game is OK. The graphics is better than I expected. However, the game play is not good as I expected. I hope there will be new features in the nearly future.


Was so excited for this!
Jean prime Maniraprime THE KING OF FIGHTERS for Girls


pas mal comme jeu . Il est presque pareil que kofAS(kof all stars)
Denise Galaviz THE KING OF FIGHTERS for Girls


excelente servicio ✨❤[怪笑]


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