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Тимоти на славу постарался
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Stan Yoshino BLACK STAR: Theater Starless


Story is very unique and fully voiced; MC is not the main focus of most of the stories unlike most idol games. In fact, other than to Kei and Heath, the MC has very little importance to the other characters (MC is related to something big in terms of the plot but we don't know what it is yet). I like the fact that the game focuses more on developing the characters rather than having it about everyone trying to get the MC to fall in love with them. There is A LOT of drama that goes on between the characters and there are a lot of mysteries involved that have yet to be known. For other idol games like IChu, Bpro, and Tsukipara, I couldn't be bothered to read the story but Blackstar is really dramatic (and its funny when the cast members have cat fights lmao). It starts out after the original owners of Theater Starless (among several other people) mysteriously disappear and then the theater gets robbed by some people who broke in. Like, WHAT??? What a while way to start. I can't help myself getting so excited over reading the next episode, it's honestly a first for me. Just as a warning, the story is very very shady and dark and in some instances lowkey depressing so it's not for people who like happier things like most idol games are like. For me, that's kind of why I like it so much because it's more realistic (minus the wacky situation and the fact that there may be some kind of crime group related to it...?). I like the fact that it's so tense and everyone is so anxious all the time because it makes me wonder what's going to happen next and there are A LOT of things that happen that is totally unexpected. But I'm aware it's not everyone's cup of tea, so if you like happy stories you might not like Blackstar's story.

The songs are alright. Very much on the rock side. If that's your thing you're gonna love the songs. Personally, I like the usual "idol songs" that are more upbeat so I really like Team P's songs, but the others are mostly rock which I don't prefer as much. They aren't bad at all, it's just I don't find at least 1/3 of the songs stick out to me :/. Of course the main song (theme song?) BLACKSTAR was really good. After Hatsukoi, it's my favorite. Something I find interesting is that the songs are not sung by the voice actors, but by professional singers (such as Ide Takuya, Fujita Rei, Kobayashi Taro) and Utaite (such as kradness, Stungun, Shakemi, ajikko). The only thing I wish though, would be that they chose singers for some of the characters that actually resembled the character's voice. For example, Rindou has a low voice but his singer, ajikko, has a high voice which is not bad but I also kind of want to hear what it would sound like if Rindou was singing it since people don't normally have such a wide gap between their talking voice and singing voice^^;

There are two types of gameplays in the game. One is the "Rehersal" (I may have gotten the name wrong as I don't have the game open with me at the time of writing this) mode which is a lot like how in Enstars or A3! you don't really do anything and just tap tap tap to get stuff; except unlike those games I just mentioned, the animation in it is not as fancy (since it isn't really the main part of the game I guess). The benefits of doing the lesson is that during the performance you will get a boost (higher score) if the levels of the characters in your team are high in the lesson. It will also improve your accuracy during the Cheer mode of the performance (people suggest around level 15 for every member in order to get a good score). If your levels are high, you may even get a higher score in Cheer mode than playing manually. Some events also have relationship stories between 2 members whose relationship bar can be increased in the rehearsal mode during the event. While those stories are not important to the main story, they're important in learning more about the characters involved and, of course, their relationships with the other cast members (you also get dias from reading the story). Finally, in the recent events, some of the main story unlocking requirements have been to play the event song with members whose levels are above a certain amount (those ones are a killer;;).

The second type of gameplay is the "Performance" mode which is the rhythm game. Within performance mode there is a "Rhythm mode" and a "Cheer mode" which is autoplay of the rhythm mode. The notes are vertical, which may be difficult for some people but in general the music gameplay is rather simple (of course there are multiple difficulties and you can change the speed so that can make it more difficult for you if that's your thing). I like how in some songs, the notes make the shape of something significant in the song at the moment. For example, in the song Daken, as the singer says "Team K", the long notes come together in the shape of a K; in Hatsukoi, there are heart shaped long notes; and in During the Demise, as the line 救国の剣 (The Sword of Salvation) is sung, the long not is in the shape of a sword. There is no fancy background with characters dancing (in all honesty I don't even know what the SD character designs in the cards are for because you only get to see them at the beginning and end of the song;;) unlike other idol rhythm games which is a shame. For beginners, I find that getting high scores (and therefore more points in events) is really hard (getting points in events is pretty hard without event cards in general) and it also doesn't help that the gatcha rates for 5stars is really low (and in event gatchas, a 10play guarantees at least one 4star but not necessarily the event 4star if there is one). However, you can get decent scores with an all 4star team if their stats are maxed out (I suggest to increase the "chance" levels so you get more items to level up cards during a performance). Apparently using paid dias doesn't increase the rates in the gatcha either ;-; (not a good way to encourage people to pay Donuts...). Getting the event 5stars are not too difficult (except in seasonal events they require 3 times as many points) and at the end of a season (so far only season 1 is finished), there is a big event which brings back all the main story events so you can finish unlocking stories you didn't unlock during the original event. In those events there are point rewards that can be exchanged for event reward cards and are really easy to obtain (I managed to get all 5 copies of the Kokuyou/Akira , Yoshino, and Sinju/Menou cards; 4 blank cards (for versus type events) of the Kokuyou/Mokuren card; and a copy of the Rindou/Menou card. I could have probably gotten more but I got lazy near the end of the event lol). Unfortunately there currently are no ways to obtain copies of seasonal event cards after the event is finished (hopefully they'll bring them all back in an anniversary event!)

The art is REALLY pretty. I found out about this game after Tsukipara announced they would be stopping services (and later on Bpro as well ;-;) and the art was originally what attracted me to the game. The cast members are so pretty, and there are multi-dimensions in the shading (i.e. it's not just a base colour and then a shadow layer on top). I'm a big fan of Kokuyou, Yoshino, Kasumi, and Yakou. There is also a character who's gender is cannonly "unknown" (性別不明 is what is said. There are probably many English labels you can give to this character based on it such as non-binary but literally it says "gender unknown" and does not directly translate as non-binary so I will not say) (Mokuren) and one who is (heavily hinted to be) bi with a preference for men (Qu), which I find is unique, because LGBTQ+ is not a widely spoken topic in Japan and genuine media (not BL/GL(yuri) which tends to be unrealistic) related to that topic. The cast member's stage costumes tend show a lot of skin (with the exception of Mokuren who always has their body covered) lmao (Kei has a shirtless 5star sdfsd).

Overall, I personally LOVE this game despite even though there are many things that could be improved. Through the stories the characters become likeable, then dislikeable, then likeable again, and it's honestly an emotional rollercoaster. For me, it was the art that attracted me to the game but it was the story that kept me hooked. I find that the story is the most interesting part of the game so if you don't understand Japanese and can't be bothered to translate (or look for people who have translated it) the game may seem mediocre to you (although a lot of good male idol rhythm games have been stopping services recently). The stories give you a lot of exciting (?) information (that people love to make memes out of especially in the JP fandom). I play the game for the stories

Tldr: The story and visuals are the best part of the game, the game play is rather simple (but still entertaining), songs are good if you like rock, not very generous to beginners

Sorry this ended up being very long^^;
Raccoon Ch Top Contributor BLACK STAR: Theater Starless


📌Black Star -Theater Starless เกมแนว แตะตามเสียงเพลง ปกติแล้วเราจะเจอเกมแบบนี้ในรูปแบบเครื่องดนตรี ตัวละครสาวๆ แล้วเก็แตะตามจังหวะ แต่นี่เป็นตัวละครชายหนุ่มทั้งหมดเอาใจสาวๆ
คนไทยมาใหม่มารวมกันรีวิวนี้ เพื่อนๆคนไหนติดปัญหาตรงไหน เม้นช่วยเหลือกันได้เต็มที่ครับ 😘
Raccoon Ch สามารถกดติดตาม และกด like เป็นกำลังใจให้ด้วยนะครับ😆
xeru BLACK STAR: Theater Starless


yoshino my precious boy must protect
Sherrice jackson Game Hunter BLACK STAR: Theater Starless


App size is 300mb. It takes about 10 minutes to reroll.

This is basically another rhythm game. Not doing anything new or innovative.

The art is good and there are great voice actors though which is the real reason I'm deciding to play this game.

Gacha rate is 3% for a 5* and you get enough to do a 10roll and a couple singles.

If you're one of those people that like hot guys and rhythm games you'll enjoy this.
July703 BLACK STAR: Theater Starless


игра отвал жопы, ждала ее 12 лет в азкабане
геймплей конечно немного странный, но привыкнуть можно
RiiBee BLACK STAR: Theater Starless


Ada yang mau ikut gc roleplay bs di wa ga?
masih butuh orang ini :')
yg mau tolong ke wattpadku Riibee_Kara
chat aja ya~
Feower44 BLACK STAR: Theater Starless


Plus Point:
+ The MC isn't the only focus while at the same time is the important key part on the story, so the characters aren't all about cheesy romancing with MC all the time.

+ Each of their own have their conflict and motive related to this show-restaurant where at the first glance is just a 'normal' restaurant. The rivalry is there, not just with other team but even with their own teammate too, and i can tell you their rivalry isn't just where they hate each other or some crap like that, but it is for the actual survival's sake/motive sake for some of the character.
They all have their own interesting interactions with each characters and not everyone here is a buddy-buddy, so they're not like 'friendship power' stereotype.

+ Their character development is amazing, i must say. because it's flowing slowly but surely, you can see it within each chapter yet they don't rush it. good example for show not tell.

+ The song. Maybe you assume this is just some rhyme game with rap and rock because of their appearances, but it's not only that. They have many other genres and a lot of them is catchy. If you like edgy music, this is for you. If you like retro, jazz or even idol kinda song(idk what their genre is), this is for you too.
While it's not their VA who sang the song but the actual singer, it actually fits the character perfectly. If you want to check it out they do have youtube channel, just search Blackstar Theater Starless.

+ You don't have to worry about the diamond, because it's easy to get them except if you're a big spender. They have their weekly quest where you just have to play mission on the song. the reward is sometimes diamond, and materials to level up the card. even if you didn't play the quest, just playing the current event song will give you generous amount of materials for leveling up, so it's not that grindy (except for the Card reward event, even then with the right card it's not really hard to obtain, but you definitely will need patience). and not really hard to level up at all (unlikesomegamescoughnotgonnasaywhich)

+ The mystery and their story is actually chilling, and if you are already deep in the chapter, it makes you wonder if you're playing a rhyme game or a horror game. What is wrong with these restaurant, where did the boss go and why some of their staff missing, what is exactly Blackcard and why they are hunting us, and what is our relations to some of the member here, it is an engaging mystery.

Minus Point:
- Not gonna lie, the UI is kinda bland and the home menu page is hurting my eyes because of the bright colors.

- The card selection is kinda laggy, so it's annoying to scroll through them (even though you can use filter, it is still pain in the neck)

- The beatmap notes is changing colors depending with the color of characters card you choose, which is creative but sometimes makes it hard for you to see the notes.

- Maybe for some people the pace of the event is exhausting since if some event or chapter is over, they gonna start with new event/chapter again soon. While i think it's good because the audience won't get bored for waiting, but it's draining at the same time. The pace for each chapter is two weeks (sometimes longer), and seasonal event is one week (sometimes longer too). If you're only here for the story, you can still unlock them with pink ticket (you get them from drop or quest), but you can't get the event reward card anymore.

Sorry for the long review, but this is my actual honest opinion towards the game. And i want people who see this to check them out because it is such a waste a game like this is still not popular.
deerychan BLACK STAR: Theater Starless


шин может наступить на меня а мокурен прострелить мне колено и я поблагодарю их
sunsunny BLACK STAR: Theater Starless


When you mix Dynamic Cord, Marginal#4, and Hypmic... You get this masterpiece. Heroine roams downtown carrying a mysterious invitation where she finds herself getting dragged to an entertainment-bar called Starless and meets a bunch of bishounens called "Warmens" who are rockstar idols competing to become top singers. As a special customer(marked as black card), Heroine gets a special "backstage pass" that leads her to discovering more dark secrets and solving mysteries(and ofcourse being a supportive #1 fan to her chosen team along the way). Gameplay is like any other Rhythm games with meh Gacha pulls. There's already an event once u open the game. The Rehearsal system is where you train your boos to lvl up and compete with live rankings . Overall it's quite good, Pretty hard. If you're a fan of catchy-edgy idol music this is perfect for you.
Sharmane Rosewood BLACK STAR: Theater Starless


Очень приятная ритм-игра. Вертикальный геймплей, запоминающиеся песни, симпатичные мальчики, которые не похожи друг на друга и не выглядят слишком смазливо, тоже легко запоминаются.
Интуитивно все понятно, сюжет на японском (за его прохождение дают кристаллики) что немного проблемно, но можно воспользоваться переводчиком или скипать истории.
Есть система рейтинга среди друзей, проходишь песню - уже есть очки. Ранг выбивается не трудно, уже A-rank.
Сама атмосфера и фоновая музыка завораживают, так и хочется остаться подольше[害羞]
Акира, Кей и Кокую - любимчики (っ´ω`c)
OnOrOffBR BLACK STAR: Theater Starless


Tinha esquecido de avaliar e deixar minha resenha.

Enfim, o jogo é muito BOM, a história é BOA, os personagens são (deliciosos) LINDOS,
as músicas são ÓTIMAS, os eventos MARAVILHOSOS

Ou seja minha gente, o jogo é bom oras, um jogo de ritmo que vale muito a pena jogar!

Eu desde o começo amei demais o jogo, e ele foi uns dos primeiros que eu joguei de ritmo, porém antes eu era muito burrinho e não sabia que tinha daily, eventos, e melhorar cartas, eu jogava pq amava as músicas, e os personagens em si.
松岡百瀬 BLACK STAR: Theater Starless


Empecé a jugar BSTS en su aniversario del año pasado porque hacia un tiempo ya que me llamaba la atención, pero como ya jugaba (aún juego) varios juegos rítmicos nunca lo empecé, pero en esas fechas me dió por probarlo, lo cuál no me arrepiento.
Aún me cuesta pillarle a la historia, pero gracias a San Google Translate entiendo a lo que va sjjd la jugabilidad me ha gustado bastante, es muy entretenido a mi parecer.

Las canciones que hay de momento me gustan mucho, las estaría escuchando 24/7. El diseño de personajes ni hablar, todos los chicos son muy lindos, cada uno con lo suyo. Me hubiera gustado que tuvieran más líneas de voz aparte de las de historia (como por ejemplo: en los episodios del nivel de luv porque aaah hay que darle más emoción (? jajs)

Me gustaría que le dieran un poco más de amor y se haga mucho más conocido porque lo encuentro un juego muy bueno. Espero que más personas de habla hispana lo juegue porque es difícil encontrar gente y así fangirlear al mismo tiempo ah xd si saben de algún Discord o grupo sería genial que me dijeran porque me gusta demasiado este juego y aún tengo algunas dudas jsjs.

Aguante Team W.
Amo demasiado a Kokuyou –inhala– A ❤
Saludos desde Chile.
ユーリア BLACK STAR: Theater Starless


Неплохая игра. Графика в целом замечательная. Стилистика персонажей и общая цветовая гамма прям класс. Геймплей простой и удобный. Все кнопки находятся интуитивно. Вот только непонятно зачем было так мудрить с системой рейтингов, которые обновляются постоянно. Скорее всего игроки, которые не будут донатить будут или с кровью и потом получать хоть что-то, или никак.

Насчет сложности песен. Вертикальный геймплей не так уж часто встречается, но привыкнуть легко и просто. Есть действительно сложные песни (от 26 уровня и выше) а так - все хорошо.

Насчёт доната - как и во всех японских играх.

Первый ивент проходит максимально жестоко и больно, потому что доступна только одна песня, с которой можно получить поинты.

doublebdabs BLACK STAR: Theater Starless


It's so funny to read these comments here.

I've been playing otomes for years & years, and this got me good. Honestly, beat me if I am wrong, but for me the story of the game is original. I am saying about the whole content, where they were idols making shows on a bar and even on a theater then it all go to hell when the owners disappear. For me, the story is new. I've seen a lot of idols thing, but their second work... Haha.

Also, you don't see a company trying to do something new. How many games are out there of sengoku? Of mafia, time, and even some animal thing... so why treat it like it's their obligation to do something out of our mind, lol.

There are some problems, but it's okay.... I think. Not perfect.

All otomes are like that. Hot boys and big problems.
Lyubi BLACK STAR: Theater Starless








容許我說聲:Definitely NOT!!!(根本不是!!!)








建議先去YOUTUBE上聽完SEASON 0的廣播劇再開始看會比較順暢。




■有時效性(Real TIME)






雖然玩了快一年主線還是一堆謎團_(√ ζ ε:)_
Takamiya Niel BLACK STAR: Theater Starless


keren! meski gue msh gk kebiasa ya ama model rhytymnya, tpi, tetep good lah. yg indo bkn grup wa atau apa kek, supaya buat yg gk ngrti maen ke gue bisa nanya" soal game ini.
Kit BLACK STAR: Theater Starless


Graphics: I'm quite shocked to see a not live 2D game nowadays, but its a welcome surprise. Art is great, but UI is a bit outdated but again, I kinda like it and it ain't half-bad.

Sound: The music/songs are total bops. Different genres, not just rap or rock (if you thought that because of the style). Some voice acting (personally) I think doesn't suit some characters.

Gameplay: The rhythm aspect is different from the norm. There are no flicks (hello anti flick peeps) but still fun and a little challenging because of like in some songs, the notes will come at you depending on the beat. Example, if there is a pause in the beat, the notes will stop then will only continue if the beat continues, make sense? I kinda hate it, but eh. I guess the major downside is the hard to get mats for upgrade/level up of units.

Storyline: I'm only reading translations, and I haven't fully read all available content so, maybe next time.

Value: A fun rhythm game with a twist. Donuts likes to give twists in their rhythm games, huh. Def would recommend to rhythm game connoisseurs if you want something a little different.
SOFIB BLACK STAR: Theater Starless


I love this game, the music is amazing, I looove the rock style so much. The story is so good, I love dark themes idk, if you want a lovely fluffy story then this is not your game, but if you want an original cool story with strong and weird personalities then this game is for you. 🥰
Stan Mizuki!!!!! aaaa
Kerompim BLACK STAR: Theater Starless


🌟¡ ¡ ¡ T E A M [ P ] ! ! !🌟

Estuve esperando este juego 1/2 meses, cuando vi a Rindou en los adelantos sabia que tenía que descargarme la app cuando saliera sin importar el tiempo en el que debería esperar. El juego es una delicia, los gráficos, que si no te gusta como esta hecha una cancion le podes agregar más teclas al juego y aumentar la velocidad. Todo me encanta UvU .


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