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i want english version please
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The game was a mix between azur lane and WoWarship combined basically 3D azur lane with kinda like WoW aiming system.
There are gacha but you can still built your waifu like in kancolle or azur lane.
The hardest part to this game for international player is to login in as guest, which require captha with chinese kanji puzzle. You can use google translate app to help you out on this or just yolo and try over and over.[怪笑]
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Before You Start:

New players who aren't mainland Chinese, or without a verified bilibili account, should play the JP or Taiwan version. Check the page description for the link.

If you want to play on CN, get the bilibli version, not the one linked here, especially now that China is cracking down on Real Name ID Authentication for games to combat """gaming addiction""". With bilibili, you can sign up as a foreigner using your mobile number and send them photo ID for age verification. If you don't do this, you'll be limited to, I think, 2hrs playtime per day or something.

So basically, unless you have a verified bilibili account already, you should just play the JP version. As usual, there'll be less censorship, and the community will feel more 'alive', with their active twitter and livestreams.

There are negatives though. Things like the monthly card and packs will cost twice as much compared to the CN version, and many of the changes made were done to limit your resources.(like removing commissions, doubling the cost of costume tickets in the mubo shop, etc.)


Anyway, this review goes a bit more in-depth than I wanted to since there's a lot to talk about, so just skip to the tl;dr at the end if you want a quick opinion.

About me, I main the CN bilibili version and have been playing since the 2nd closed beta. Currently Rank 100, with all maps 3-star'd, and mubo defense Gearing-class(current final tier) fully cleared.


It's a KC Arcade clone, a more faithful one than Abyss Horizon, since it's real-time instead of round-based. It also doesn't have all those arcadey sonic and racing bits AH has, and currently has no PVP, which may or may not be downsides to some.

JP changed the battle interface(mostly to look less like KC Arcade) and added a new multi-fleet battle mode, where you fight multiple enemy fleets at once, which is pretty fun. The interface change has a few negatives though, like no close up view of the high-detailed ship girls, and it always defaulting to the 3D view during Search mode, when the top-down view is better for CV fleets and 'fast airstrikes' that are required for certain mubo maps,

*CN has these battle interface change now, but still waiting on the multi-fleet lettered maps.

You can auto, which does an okay job if you over-gear the content a bit, and the manual control is actually pretty fun once you get the hang of it. There's enough freedom to the gameplay that you can tackle a lot of the maps in multiple ways with different kinds of fleets playing manually. There are a lot of animations during battle which can bog things down, but you can speed up or disable animations in the settings. It still might be a bit slow for people though.

Along with story and the usual progression and daily resource maps, there's an important mode called "Mubo/Mover Defense" unlocked at Lv38, which is a gauntlet-style set of progressively harder maps with special mechanics on each fight where you can only use a ship a certain number of times before it 'runs out of fuel', so you need to raise a large number of ships and plan out what ships to use in which battles to clear the later tiers. The shop resets monthly and has stuff like oil, gems, fashion tickets and a SSR CV, USS Yorktown, so it's recommended to unlock and clear as high as possible asap.

Graphics and Audio

The 3D models aren't as high quality as KC Arcade's, but they're not bad either, for a mobile game. I'd say they're a lot better than Abyss Horizon's, at least.

The normal environment graphics and animations for battles are okay, with the ocean being a bit too flat to me(I think they updated this recently), but as the Taffy 3 event showed, the big events can have different sky/sea graphics and weather effects.

There are a good number of graphics options, including 30/60 FPS, that will make the game look a lot better if your device/PC can handle it.

You can poke ship girls for various reactions and voice lines and they have personalized attack and reaction animations during battle. As with many of these anime-style Chinese games, The ship VA is in Japanese, with Chinese subtitles, and there are quite a few big names in it, like M・A・O, KugiRie, and Tamura Yukari.

Story and Events are fully voiced and the music is decent and varied.

There's a PC client that looks and runs a lot better than mobile/emulator, but it doesn't support the bilibili version, so I don't have much experience with it. JP version also has a PC client, but to login you need to scan a QR code with your mobile account.


Normal Rates: SSR(2%), SR(15%), R(83%)
- Rated up SSR(s) usually add up to half the SSR rate(1%)
- SSRs released with an event have been 1% for the featured gacha-only SSR, and 0.5% for the secondary SSR, which you can also get 4 copies of from the event shop.
- First 20 rolls of each new banner gives you a guaranteed SSR crate(random from a pool, that includes the featured ship(s))
- 100 roll pity for featured SSR
- rolling also gives medals you can save up to buy a currently featured rate up ship from the shop.
- You get 1 free roll every 2 days to use on whichever active banner you want

There's also ship construction, but only certain ships can be constructed so far, basically just the map drop ones in CN(JP made a few construction-only), and they haven't added a single new ship to it since release.

Recommendation Letters(gacha tickets) are kind of scarce after the initial first clear rewards, so I would only roll x20 on a banner tops for the guaranteed SSR chest, unless it's a limited banner or you're a whale.

There's an equipment gacha with special equips that don't drop from the CL daily, but you can also get those from the SSR crates bought with gold equip coins earned from the daily boosted daily runs, so they're not something impossible to get for F2P. SR+ every 10 draws on CN, while it's SSR guaranteed every 10 on JP.

The universal LB items aren't hard to get either, 300 gold equipment coins each(you can sell junk gold equips for 100 each) and events.

Wishing Wall

One of the nicer F2P features, it lets you easily get dupes of ships you already own over time. The base timers are around 2 days for an SR/9 days for an SSR, which you can lower by pinning more ships to the wall, at the cost of more RNG in which ship you get.(Down to 1.5/6 days min.) You can also use wishing stones to directly reduce the timer. I recommend only pinning gacha-only ships, because shop/drop/construction ships are comparatively easy to get by just playing the game, and try to save up so you can instantly 6-star shops ships, so they won't affect the timer.

The catch is some newly released event ships can't be put on the wishing wall for a period of time, but it's not a problem if you're patient. The longest wall lock on CN was the Twin Sisters event ships at 2 months, 22days, but the rest were only like 1-1.5 months.

For JP, the Twin Sisters event ships, and possibly all future event limited ships, are being wall locked for 6 months. They really seem dead set on this as well and have even gone so far as to let anyone who rolls a copy of Scharnhorst buy 7 more copies for 1 coin each as an apology. I don't really get why they did this instead of just decreasing the wall lock to a more reasonable 1-2 months, because people will just riot again if next set of limited ships are wall locked for 6 months.

Mentor System (CN-only)

The Mentor System gives currency and rewards to both mentor/pupil when the pupil completes mentor quests and hits certain milestones, so new players should get on that when they're able to.

Commissions/Expeditions (CN-Only)

Anyone who's played KC-styled games before should know what this is. Send ships out to collect resources, etc. They removed this feature from the JP version.


Most the skins you can get for free, either as an event reward or with fashion tickets obtainable in-game, but the rest are cash-only ones. They seem to be going 50-50 on them now, and have been offering one of the skins for a limited time, cash-only discount before putting it in the skin shop for fashion tickets.

So far, skins have mostly been non-limited and stay in the skin shop indefinitely, except for a few event reward skins, which will probably get re-runs eventually if the game lasts long enough. So far, there's only been 1 skin that was limited, CNY Myoukou, which was stated to be one-time only and never to be sold again. I hope they don't do too many of those.

Sadly, there are no wedding skins yet.

JP had damaged art skins added, some low rarity ones you can get free for 1mil gold/random equipment coin box/events, while most seem to require the premium coin currency to purchase.


The monthly sub is pretty significant in this game. For 30 yuan per 31 days, you get 300 gems + 50/day(1850 total) , daily login gold/wishing stone, etc., oil cap raised to 20k and an extra boosted daily run on each of the daily stages. Pretty worth if you decide to play seriously, especially for the extra boosted runs, which will let you get gold equip coins and daily shop ships quicker. It's hard to justify these days with the slow content updates and ship releases though. I'm sitting on almost 220 rolls currently.

JP monthly sub costs 980 yen, which is like twice as much.

There's also other things to buy, like gems, packs, and skins, that require a separate premium currency. They do special event/holiday packs, that usually includes a ring plus other stuff at a better value than buying it normally, which seem pretty good if you're a spender.


- A 'slow-paced' game, don't expect to 3-star all the maps within a few weeks of starting. It takes time to raise your ships and gather the equipment needed to complete the end-game content if you aren't whaling.(Except maybe on JP, which is nerfed, has buffed ships, nearly free MLB Scharn, and map farmable 'special gacha' ships that took months to max out on CN)

- Big difficulty spikes at certain stages of the game, especially for the higher lvl daily maps. Not too much of a problem if you ask for tips from experienced players.

- Slow release schedule for the big events. I was about 3-4 months between the "Twin Sisters" and the "Tin Can Knights/Taffy 3" event. Hopefully they don't plan to pull a KC and only release 4 big events per year. While there have been some smaller non-login events, as far as big events go, we've only gotten the Twin Sisters re-run in like the last 6 months, so that's not good.

I can almost forgive this because they were probably working to get the JP version out on schedule and then the pandemic happened. But with their 1st Anniversary coming up soon, I expect something big to happen then, or more like the games' survival depends on it.

- Incompetent devs. I think they pushed themselves into a corner with the CN version, and don't know how to monetize it. You can see they want to try something different with the JP version, when they removed commissions to make resources harder to get and added damaged art skins. Overall, they've made a lot of bad decisions and wasted a lot of this game's potential but hopefully they can turn it around.

- High oil costs for running maps. You won't miss any important event exclusives because of this, but buying out the event shop + grinding all obtainable rewards will be hard for the average person, especially if they're new. Not really a big negative unless you have ADD and must get 100% of the rewards.

- I could be wrong, but it doesn't seem hugely popular in China. I don't think the dev/publisher spent much effort marketing the game and the one CN wiki I found doesn't get updated very fast. It doesn't help that the frequency they release content gets extremely low at times, although I'll chalk it up to working on the JP version to get it out on time and the covid-19 pandemic.

It looks like they're literally calling up whales now and asking them what it'll take to get them playing again, and showing signs of life with the upcoming new story chapter release and Ping Hai ship, so maybe they can turn it around.

- It was definitely not popular outside of CN, due to a number of reasons. The main one being people are referred to the official/9game version instead of bilibili which has caused a lot of problems, like connections issues and the very anti-foreigner chinese captcha and now the forced Real ID stuff.

I think another problem is the multiple translations for the name which makes it hard to find info and videos about it. (Promises of Azure, Blue Vows, Blue War, now Blue Oath, etc.). The slow burn, difficulty spikes, low-at-first-glance gacha rates and not knowing about the wishing wall probably turns the average person off as well.

The JP version looks like it's well received so far, but they're clearly trying something different with their monetization tactics, and didn't budge an inch over the 6 month wall lock for the Twin Sisters event ships, and instead bribed everyone with a free MLB Scharn if you roll her once.

I'm curious how the JPs are going to react in 3 months when the Tin Can Knights event ships are wall locked for 6 months too, this time without being able to instantly 6* Hoel for free. With luck, they'll realize half a year is way too long, and at least drop it down to 1-2 months.


Fun KC arcade clone that is more F2P than you'd expect, if you have some patience. Veteran players have many complaints, but there should be plenty to do as a new player that will keep you busy for a while.

The devs have made some bad decisions in both versions though, which may possibly jeopardize the life of the game in the future, especially for the CN version if they can't turn things around. Hopefully they nab a few big collabs to generate more interest.


Join the English community Discord if you need help or a mentor:

TL Spreadsheet: https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1UrEFf88vjcOFRy7tFOfcedsoobXU7ZTeezFlRFVEo2Q

CN Wiki:

Last Updated: 06/26/2020
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เยี่ยมยอดมากเลยครับ กราฟิกก็เยี่ยม เสียงก็เยี่ยม [哇噻][哇噻]
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For those of you who are having trouble getting into the game, there is a "guest login". After closing notifications, there is a button at the bottom of the window which will switch ur window into asking for a (6 and above) password. No worries, u can type any password u want, its ur guest login password.

Gameplay is similar to Kancolle Arcade, Azur Lane: Crosswave, and Abyss Horizon.
So far the game has been fair, giving u multiple chances of 10x summons. Every 10 summon is either a SR or SSR.

Rerolling is not necessary, but does help to get some SSR to push for the free SSR they give in-game. (your choice)

Superbing(Limit breaking) isn't hard, but time consuming IRL. There is a generous system that lets u choose a shipgirl and instantly duplicates them...

Marriage system 😉

Crafting, best recipe spammed so far is : 30, 600, 600 and 1

Donatation: requires alipay, or chinese phone # and ID, international need Traveler ID (VISA, etc.)
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Magnificent, waiting for English version.
Nguyễn Đức Vỹ Blue Oath | Chinois Simplifié


gameplay good
graphic so prety
but Error in the graphics system and If English is available, it will help foreign players to understand the game better

Even so, I really like this game
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for me graphic and gameplay are okay and smoot, but for function is still bug and slow responds for some button and for connection is poor, somtime lost connections many times.
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this is a better version of the game abyss horizon
this is 1 a good game that worth to wait for global
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EL rate de las barquitos es hermoso mínimo te llevas una SSR en un roll de 10 xD
Ya tengo 10 y solo e hecho 2 roll de 10

Csm hay que apretar como 30mil veces el botón de login para logear D: y si es que carga igual.
A alguien mas le pasa lo mismo?
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in nutshell, Kancolle Arcade with severals tweaks. the gameplay loop is nice, the control are very responsive, NOX compatible, gems ( Premium Currency ) are plenty, and the gacha itself aren't that bad as they give guarantees of getting a SSR ( current highest rank ) character sometimes 2 even, although as a side notice at start, gachas are your best option on getting that good equipments after a while you can get golden rank without needing gachas.

for negative traits, there's some frustrating enemy, making clearing some stages complete pain ( e.g. several unique enemies that was able to target and shot almost in instant and in large AoE, leaving no chance of dodging ) and the need of duplicates to raise character ( could be fixed by giving an universal subtitute )

still it's a good game to kill some time but as it's on CN, language barrier might be problem, try it when it goes global, else you might stuck a bit.
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game play no good me play game no respon game
YaomianHuang额 Blue Oath | Chinois Simplifié


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i like the gameplay style and graphics, i dont care if some one say the game is bad, i just find more loli waifu and i see chara v.a M.A.O
Nong May Blue Oath | Chinois Simplifié


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เสียอย่างเดียว​ เปย์​ไม่ได้​ ไม่มีอาลีเพย์​
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(cant even login. Some error or smt. when i "tap to start") Ok, i changed my mind. Game finally starts. cool idea, but i can't change graphics settings to remove "stairs". Really, the pic is so sharp so i delete the game :/
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Is that the official version?
Alls Siew Blue Oath | Chinois Simplifié


come join us at our english discord

where we provide game update translation and a spreadsheet on various info regarding the game

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do not play this game , once u create an account and if you dont know your account password , thats the end of it , even if you want to make a new account , you cant because it will detect your old account and u have to type in the password.
Another thing is if u even try making a new account they will ask u to send a text message all the way to china so that you could create a new account also
if u have the option like getting disconnected please do try to reconnect if u dont, the game will go back to the loading menu and stay at 98% loading while saying "get the latest game version". I highly dont recommend this game due to high strict the account creation is.


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