Youmi Hirosue Bungo Stray Dogs: Tales of the Lost | Anglais


The thing I love most about this game is how detailed it was. The character's skills and gimmicks are true to the series and they did a good job summarizing the story, albeit some minor grammar mistakes. I left Jap ver when I was too busy with works (also for spending tons of stones and no Dead Apple Dazai) and now too lazy to catch up with new event, I decided to just play this ver instead. I kinda wish they have newly recorded voice lines but this is enough :'>
rowen law Bungo Stray Dogs: Tales of the Lost | Anglais


на самом деле, игра неплохая, учитывая, что донат тут особую роль не играет, но... мне нравится, что подобный жанр игр пытаются разнообразить. серьезно. за это тупо пресс ф ту пэй респект.
Happy Smile Bungo Stray Dogs: Tales of the Lost | Anglais


Bungou Stray Dogs é um dos meus animes favoritos❣
AMO esse jogo: Tem dublagem (Ficaria ainda mais feliz se adicionasse a dublagem brasileira, mas já sei que é um sonho impossível.), os gráficos são muito bons, não tem PvP (Sempre me estresso com PvP) e os personagens ficaram muito fofinhos em estilo chibi.
Ионелакатан Bungo Stray Dogs: Tales of the Lost | Anglais


Я думаю это игра мне нравится очень классно. Но как да будет на .Русский язык чтобы понимать слова как мультф!! аниме но очень хочу ❤ну спасибо за игру..[哇噻] как раз у мне 102 ур [開心]
KamadoShivu Bungo Stray Dogs: Tales of the Lost | Anglais


Eu comecei a jogar por pura curiosidade, eu nunca tinha visto o anime, a única coisa que conhecia era que o dazai era um louco suicída[為什麼]
o jogo é bem legal, as card são bem bonitas, o modo história acompanha o anime então quando eu fui jogar sem saber de nada ver o modo história me deu uma idéia dos personagens e da trama me ajudou muito![微笑]
o modo do jogo é diferente, eu não costumo jogar esse estilo de jogo porém acabei gostando muitão desse jogo até a energia acabar [哇噻]
agora eu estou assistindo e jogando bungo stray dogs, estou amando os dois, realmente não tenho o que reclamar[色色][色色]
14th Bungo Stray Dogs: Tales of the Lost | Anglais


oyun oynanış olarak basit ve eğlenceli eğer Bungo Stray Dogs seviyorsanız tam size göre bir oyun zaman geçirmek için mükemmel[厲害]
Rayzel Bungo Stray Dogs: Tales of the Lost | Anglais


Es un juego muy bueno, para pasar el rato, lo estaba buscando y por fin lo encontre ahora es mi vicio y no me arrepiento 😄😄💕💕💕
keitohasumisimp Bungo Stray Dogs: Tales of the Lost | Anglais


App data is 27MB or 32MB or something. But if you keep playing, it will go up. (Mines is 800MB+)

I don't think there's much problems of this game, i love everything. UI was great, the chibi was so cute, the animation was so dope, every SSR characters have a short animation.

First, you have to complete a tutorial, will give you a beginner login bonus, which was good. It will give you a SSR ticket if you login at 7th day.

There's also Banners (yes we call them banner)which i love, there's 6 Banners, there are 3 permanent banners, 2 limited banners, and a paid banner.

Let's start with 3 perm banners first.

Rare Scout - this banner is filled with R to SSR character cards. You can use your SSR ticket, SR tickets and Scout Ticket in this banner ONLY. You can also use your Ability Stones in this banner but it's not worth it. Characters in this Banner can be upgraded to UR, The UR will have special effects and awesome Art/Picture if you upgrade them. Of course some of them didn't have UR awakening yet. There are some times that you can get a SSR on a scout ticket. (scout ticket can give you a SSR, SR, R. But the chances are low.)

Scene Card Scout - This banner is only scene cards which you can put it on your team, it will increase you attack power or health. You can get Scene Points from Scouting on any banners. Just not Friend Points banner. You can get SSR Scene Cards which the percentage is 0.3333. What exciting is you can get UR scene cards, which is 0.2500%. If you upgrade them, you'll get certain effects like increase health, increase attack power, receive damage down, marble size up, etc.

Normal Scout - This banner gives you power up materials, evolution materials, and characters which is extremely rare. SSR percentage is 1% but it's not impossible, some have gotten SSR Ango Sakaguchi in this banner (i only have gotten a SR chara, sad :( ) You can pull in this banner if you have Friend Points, You can get Friend Points by Receiving a Message, Replying to a Message, A achievement you can get friend points, and using a character of a player like you. If you have a friend, then you can get 20 FP in just a day. If you use your friends chara twice, it won't give you FP anymore. You can get 20 FP everyday, but just once on the day.

Limited Banners

Limited Banner - This banner features limited characters, you can use your Limited Tickets in this scout ONLY. This banner will give you either the Limited Character, or a Normal SSR in Rare Scout. 250 Ability Stones if you perform a 11-play scout. If you perform 10 plays on 11play-scout, you'll get a SSR. Same as Rare Scouts. This banner can be either a Birthday Banner, Revival Banner, or Ability Fes.

Step-up Scout Banner - This banner is i love the most, well, all the players in this game are. This banner gives you SSR, Guaranteed! Also gives you a discount XD. If you play more, you'll get an SSR character, guaranteed. I think this is the only game that had this ultimate Banner lol. Most of the step-up banners are only at Step 6.
Step 1 - Gives you a discount of 100 Ability Stones, You might get an SSR.
Step 2 - Gives you a discount of 50 Ability Stones, Might get an SSR.
Step 3 - Gives you no discount but gives you an SSR character GUARANTEED.
Step 4 - Gives you 50 discount, might get an SSR.
Step 5 - Gives you an SSR LIMITED CHARACTER GUARANTEED. No discount.
Step 6 - Play as many times as you want. No discount, Don't play anymore.

There's some banners that had up to Step 7. It also gives SSR chara guaranteed. Some banners gives you a special ticket, which you can get a limited character of your choice. Awesome right? :D

Paid Banner - Well, this banner is boring. It gives you a SSR guarantee but you play with Paid Stones. You have to buy with real money to perform a scout. Most of them are Ability Fes, but not all of them.

goddamit my hands hurt XD, If you had questions, just ask me.
Lylian Bungo Stray Dogs: Tales of the Lost | Anglais


'-')b pt br
ChocoCornetRimi Bungo Stray Dogs: Tales of the Lost | Anglais


Well if you ask me, I like every game especially if it's a game based on my favorite anime! I'm at season 3 now ahhh haven't even finished the anime but play the game >_< Let's get to the pro's and con's already jeez [汗顏]

Pro's :
1. Well, I... uhh (I just started playing today lmao so) oh right. I love the chibi characters so much! Well, every chibi character looks cute of course (Especially Dazai ohoho) [色色][色色]
2. The gameplay is good, even though all you gotta do is aim a marble to some (idk what you call those balls) balls but yeah the sound is so relaxing [耍帥]
3. Hmm gacha is good I guess... (Got Francis SSR [色色])

Con's :
1. Hmm not sure if this game has any con's (Probably gacha but idk let's see my luck) Tbh the gacha is being salty, I can't get SSR. I can only get it in guaranteed SSR scout [大哭]

Well I guess that's it? Hmm oh yeah! Please watch the anime it's so underrated [賣萌][賣萌] Who's my husbando you ask? Well, top 3 are Atsushi, Dazai and CHUUYAAAAA (Nah I love Atsushi more than Chuuya it's just because I like to write Chuuya like that [開心])
Okay see ya! ありがとうございます!
Twin 2 Bungo Stray Dogs: Tales of the Lost | Anglais


Error connection please fix it (;゚д゚). Also, WE LOVE BSD~[開心]
shamanyaaa Bungo Stray Dogs: Tales of the Lost | Anglais


меня затянуло на миллион лет всем спасибо
Linax8 Bungo Stray Dogs: Tales of the Lost | Anglais


Anyway ~
في عرب يلعبون اللعبه ولا لا؟
Ramenski Bungo Stray Dogs: Tales of the Lost | Anglais


Чудесная игра, фанатов бродячих определенно затянет не на один день! Советую!!
P.S. английская версия имеет различия в сравнении с японской, например, во второй проходит больше ивентов, но в целом, для первого ознакомления с механиками очень даже годно!
valtorx Bungo Stray Dogs: Tales of the Lost | Anglais


овердохуя времени играю в эту игру и меня все устраивает
десять псин из десяти😳
Yoo Bungo Stray Dogs: Tales of the Lost | Anglais


It is a really fun tactical game and the storage depends on your progress of the game. For me it just took 400MB.
You can collect cards and see such beautiful arts.
The gameplay is very easy to understand I even manage to reach rank 7 in just one day [鬼臉][鬼臉][鬼臉]
I loveee watching Bungo Stray Dogs and this game really captures the story and I enjoyed it [開心][開心]
OnOrOffBR Bungo Stray Dogs: Tales of the Lost | Anglais


Eu nunca assisti o anime, e quando comecei a jogar pensei que não iria gostar e já iria desinstalar, porém como tudo na vida não é como pensamos....

Eu acabei viciando nessa merda, fico meia hora jogando até gastar as energias e fico esperando recarrega-las pra eu poder jogar NOVAMENTE

Além que dá bastante pedras para fazer os Scouts da sua escolha(principalmente no início do game), e tem eventos ótimos!!

Sempre que a energia acaba eu fico estressado pois quero jogar cada vez mais, e ver a história do Anime[可憐].
swaggy otaku Bungo Stray Dogs: Tales of the Lost | Anglais


I really love this game so much. The characters chibi forms are so cute~ [開心][色色] The gameplay is okay and the graphics are stunning! The gatcha drop rates aren't that bad. What I really love of this game is the fact that it follows the anime. Totally recommended to people who loves BSD.
UnArgentinoAcexual Bungo Stray Dogs: Tales of the Lost | Anglais


Un juego casi perfecto!, aunque tenga algunos errores el juego es muy disfrutable!, para alguien que se ha visto bungou stray dogs es un excelente juego para el, Muy buen juego la verdad
ArtPirate Bungo Stray Dogs: Tales of the Lost | Anglais


Game not bad.
Characters of anime.
A lot events right now.
Easy to understand gameplay.
A lot ways for upgrading your power.
Good gacha. Banner with one garanteed SSR for new members in first 10 rolls. Other banner good too, and have garanteed SSR chance too.

It's simple and funny [開心]

Have some problem too.
First of all it's AP. Very bad system, not enough in start. Not a lot time for recovery AP, 1-2 hour. Need minimum 8 hours. People must sleep time to time. Or add gift with AP in start or give more exp for faster ranks uping.
Second it is upgrade system in office. Why it requare same materials, like upgrading my power? It's strange. Any will upgrade your characters first, need other materials. May be i something don't understood, but it eat same exp materials which eat my characters [大哭]

Oh, and Dazai SSR green have cheat skill and can use with same skill of friends Dazai SSR. It works like add over9000% ATK power [暈]


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