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Un bon tactical game comme on les aiment, les graphisme sont très bon de même pour le son. Le gamplay est basique est facile a prendre en main. Le scenario est passble. Ce jeu fait partie de mes tactical préférées au côté de ffbe wotv et dragon quest tact.
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It's a strategy turn based game, but there's a lack of chances to use skills, and a lack of unit mobility. The game play is boring, so expect to buy a lot of「10 x Skip Tickets」(in game currency). These allow you to run a stage many times in a few seconds just to collect the job advancement materials.

I do like that you can max out character abilities pretty quickly, given you open your game daily. The dailies give you a ton of energy to dump into job material & character shard collecting. Skip Tickets are an absolute must buy for grinding materials.

A few systems in this game seems to be premium-centric, like the equipment crafting system. In the months I played, I never got any materials to craft a single equipment.

The story is garbage and drags on for too many chapters.... How long can they drag on this "hero" & "justice" speal?
I wish they shortened the unbearably long plot and put in filler episodes instead.. But I guess if you're playing this, it's not for the story..
Liam Luna Miguel THE ALCHEMIST CODE | Anglais


Es un juego como ningún otro, tiene demasiadas historias que aunque no todas son buenas, son lo suficientemente importantes y aportan directa o indirectamente a la trama, hizo grandes colaboraciones como con Shingeki No Kiojin ,Nanatsu No Taizan, Full Metal Alchemist Brotherhood, Fate Stay Night: UBW, Final Fantasy XV, Disgaea, Ethrian Odyssey, etc; modelos 3d bonitos, escenarios bien adaptados a diversas circunstancias, muchas combinaciones de personajes y clases para jugar y eventos constantes que ofrecen una gran dificultad para superar, el rate es subjetivo, a veces sacas algo muy bueno o te quedas sin recursos para seguir buscando lo que quieres; el meta es de los peores que hay sinceramente: Si no tienes personajes del Génesis o a los Templarios, vas a sufrir mucho en misiones Ex y Ex+.
Una música espectacular acorde a casi todos los momentos, ilustraciones excelentes y actuaciones de voces de 10.
Es un juego pesado (Tanto en espacio en el teléfono como en lo que requiere de atención para avanzar) ya que llega fácilmente a los 7GB de eso total.
Si quieres jugar un juego por mucho tiempo sin que te aburra o te que consuma tu tiempo como si nada esté es tu juego.
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this is very good
its make me remember old game and here the old game is evolved being better and great
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Amo il realizzamento del combattimento e della storia,i personaggi sono fatti bene ma le summon da 2500 dove se vuoi essere sicuro di trovare 1 5stelle devi pagare non mi piacciono
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Es muy buen juego, pero hay muchos heroes que no son útiles aunque lo mejores al máximo apenas sigue siendo útil. Y cuando sale alguna colaboración no llegan a su máximo poder, ya que nunca salen las otras puertas de avaricia. Solo esta disponible 3. 😢
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logi is the best protagonist and setsuna is the best sensei


Se notan mucho el tener o no personajes fuertes.
Me encantó por el sistema de tactics pero aquí si quieres lo bueno y lo nuevo tienes que ser una ballena.
La historia es buena aunque hay algunas secundarias que se las podían ahorrar.
Hay mucho que hacer así que tienes que planear bien lo que vas a jugar y el farm.
Hariz Hazmi THE ALCHEMIST CODE | Anglais


Easily one of the best mobile gacha game ive ever played so far. The gameplay mechanic is entertaining as it need player to be strategically competent. The background story gives the character much more in depth and personality and I like that each of their story intertwining, creating a huge lore. The community is active too, with chat rooms available for players to interact and help each other. The gacha is fairly generous in in this game, something that I took comfort of

Not everything is perfect though in this game. Almost like any other player, i find that the need to grind in this game is so much higher than any other games. Auto battle feature and skip tickets help to alleviate that problem but in my opinion, it is still not enough. Even with the said feature, I need to spend at least an hour everyday in one sitting to clear out the daily events and farming all the character shards (that I intend to levelup). And that is only the daily necessities that i have to do everyday. With numerous events and challenges coming monthly I need to spend a lot more time, more than what I can manage to give. I stopped playing for a while to focus on my life and when I came back, it seems I was heavily punished as a lot of new mechanics appeared and the increase in level cap means I have to grind again for the unit that I have maxed before, in addition to the unit that have yet to be maxed.

All in all, I wholeheartedly believe that this is a great game, but only if you have the time to invest on it
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The important events are too difficult I am lv 140 and they are still too difficult
Tsukinomegami THE ALCHEMIST CODE | Anglais


Uno de mis juegos favoritos con total sinceridad, me gustan demasiado los juegos de rol táctico y la variedad de habilidades, escenarios, personajes y otras mécanicas que ofrece lo hace muy divertido.
Uno de los puntos que más me gusta es que no haya unidades que sean iguales a otras ya sea con mismas habilidades o estadisticas, todos son realmente diferentes.
La historia del juego tambien te llega a enganchar una vez te la pones al dia, ya que cada evento con su respectivo lore es demasiado interesante.
Recomiendo completamente este juego para la gente que busque realmente usar su ingenio y probar un buen rol táctico con unos animados gráficos y escenarios y con una variedad de distintos personajes con distintas personalidades e historias únicas.
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TAC has a very good story.

Many disagrees, here's why
(Not trying to spoil any of the story content, but eh...
Mild spoiler alert)

-The story is too long that people got bored on the first chapter, but they never been in the good part
At first i also thought the story was trash, and I'm only here for the collab units... then i started Sacred Stone Memories story. It was good, kinda long but good.

-Some stories fragments are an event, which means they're not available if you miss it.

-Babel stories are good too, but the missions are sometimes too hard with a forced team setup, a weak one.

Most of the vilains are not evil at heart, so sometimes it gets so emotional that we see them fight each other, holding on to their logics and what they believe is right. They has their own sad, and tragic story
Even i still think the main story is not so good compared to the other, so i skipped story of chapter 2 & 3 for faster progress but kinda regret it because one story mode links to another.

The gameplay also boring for newbies with only a few units, but when you maxed a full team (including enlightment) for 1 element, you'll get excited to raise more units.

Well, i think it is already too late to start this game now, but if you have some incredible patience you'll get the fun.... after you're done grinding for a long time. But they also change the newbie missions and rewards, so maybe it won't be as hard as before to grow stronger.

New players will likely have some hard times on event quests, and might need to throw a few gems on mp quests.

Just know when to roll and don't try to push your luck. Saving is always better than giving a shot at a banner without guarantees.

Well you need to try it yourself to fully understand the value of gems here. I recommend new players to learn about units first, their role, and how hard it is to collect their gears and mementos.

For me, it's all worth it. Really, they has good 2D arts, good story, enjoyable theme and they optimize units time to time.

In short, enjoying this game requires time.
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Gumi biggest Scammer


Très bon jeu le seul soucis c'est que c est tellement long pour farm les perssos
Red-Angel THE ALCHEMIST CODE | Anglais


Jeu tactique avec les zones quadrillée, beaucoup de classe et un bon système tactique, qui donne très envie d’évoluer. J’insiste surtout sur le système de classe et des personnages qui, d’après moi, apporte beaucoup au jeu. Car avec les nombreux stats et compétences des personnages, le jeu permet de faire un très grand choix tactique des équipes a composé pendant les missions.
Le jeu est en plus de ça en Français !!!!! Ça me donnera la chance de faire venir des amis pour de la coop et du PVP. :3
Fukuyuki THE ALCHEMIST CODE | Anglais


I dont really know what to expect, i have this game for like 3 years and i can only enjoy it these day since the game got bigger and easier to do something....overall its an okay game nothing too good or anything just okay
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Gumi = Money Money Money
Shigeyama THE ALCHEMIST CODE | Anglais


Gotten more grindy over time and its grindiness has leaked to wotv.


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