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Hi, first of all, thank you for playing and supporting CODE: SEED - Seihi no Uta. Due to the COVID -19 our studio was forced to shut down temporarily, and unable to work during that period, and because of the influence of COVID-19, the publisher in Japan decided to shut down the server. But currenty we are back to work. CODE:SEED - Seihi no Uta will keep going, until the last player offline, and the new contents are on the way, there will be new UI, new character, new animation, and everyting will be upgraded on the future version, click the link to watch the footage for the development demo
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This game was apparently shut down in Japan, and possibly elsewhere too, so players beware. It's not a horrible game, but it's a bit outdated for the current era of mobile gaming. I'd say try it out at your own risk, but don't spend any money because the global version will probably end up shutting down within a year too..[發困]
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CODE: SEED Seihi no Uta

The character art designs are unique and outstanding, but I personally want it to have more male characters (it’s a world of equity). The 3D models in HD mode are fine considering it’s on a mobile device. The visual effects are good as well.

Amazing background music, and great character voice acting. The combat sound effect is excellent and intuitive.

Turn-based combat system in combination with match 3. Instead of going straight in and kill-them-all, the fights require strategies and decision-making. It may slow the pace down a little bit but greatly increases the quality of each fight, which is something I like. As for the character collection, I reckon it’s going to be time consuming to gather a 5-star team but 4-star characters are good enough to progress the main storyline. One thing I also like is how they manage the lobby (aka your main base) to a sim city like place. You can arrange the items and the buildings as you want, that kind of added an element to the gameplay. It’s not an uncommon feature in mobile games, but the building functions in there are actually impactful compared to the others.

The story itself is persuasive and makes sense, and the way it presents the story reminds me of classic Japanese single player PC games back in the 90s. Having a dialog scene with the NPCs around you and running along with the script in descriptive words make the storytelling very immersive. Although there are some typos or grammatical errors, I consider it’s good in general and you wouldn’t really notice them if you are a speed reader. Plot playback feature is impressive and interesting.

It’s a well-rounded good game and has a great potential from my perspective. Even though I haven’t invested too much time in this game yet, I think I’ll keep playing it for some time at least until I finish the whole story.
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The story is great.
Waifus are cool, sexy, lovely, perfect.
Gameplay is interesting.
Gacha rate for 5* is 3%.
Home screen jobs are very good.
I give the game 8,4/10!!!
Bisma Sakhti CODE: SEED - Seihi no Uta | Global


at first you will enjoy it. but later gap between f2p and p2p its so far. Power creep. F2P only get random accessories from crafting. but p2p can instantly buy exclusif weapon. Wow so privilage. Better stay out this game for f2p, you wont even finish your combat training later cause you will never kill anyone on legend rank.
Мурад Незнакомец CODE: SEED - Seihi no Uta | Global


Игра не по детской зависает, нервы не хватают... постоянные загрузки
Benetnasch CODE: SEED - Seihi no Uta | Global


Gameplay-nya menarik. Rogue-like, turn based, match 3, semuanya dibuat satu tanpa ganggu satu sama lain. Nice.
exos reroll1 CODE: SEED - Seihi no Uta | Global


Sin CODE: SEED - Seihi no Uta | Global


Пока всё бодро. 9 попыток тенролла с выкупом. Если открывать сразу, то 2 выкупить вполне успеете. Т.о. если не рероллить, то вполне реально взять 2 5★ из выкупа и 1 5★ за 7й день. Сделал 3 реррола интереса ради, на 2 из 3 аккаунтов с первых халявных гач выпало по 1 5★ персу. На одном зая, на другом зонт с ее баннера. Зая понравилась, решил стартануть через второй акк и залить им 1-2$ для бонуса первой покупки, но что-то пошло не так. Донат только через пайпалку, а она что-то ругается на законодательство. Ладно, плюнул на неё, пока так поиграю. Если шарите по этой фигне с оплатой, подскажите в комментариях, пожалуйста. Буду благодарен.

Upd. Вполне реально взять более 3х 5★ за выкуп, при условии, что вы не откроете всё сразу. За 9 дней 3 точно можно, ибо за 3 дня я уже накопил на 3. Вот только в выкупе всего 2 5★ вышли, выбирать не приходится. Но и это гораздо щедрее импактов.

В день можно получить более 2х круток в гаче. 1 за дейлики, 1 за миссии выживания, да еще голды насыпят. На баннерах 5* гарант за первые 30 круток, длятся 2 недели. Реально закрыть даже без траты голды. Особо далеко не прошел еще, но в магазине за валюту доступны 5* тикеты повышения перса. Вам не придется молиться на ловлю повторок. Поиграться стоит.
Jin Pio CODE: SEED - Seihi no Uta | Global

1. Full HD Gameplay
2. Game Type: Turn Based, ACG
3. Language: English, Chinese, Korean, Japanese
4. Account Login: Qoo
5. Review: this is an ACG Turn Based game. Set in the apocalypse, you will fight zombies and build your base. When fighting bann will have to match 3 or 4 teamfights to attack stronger. The game size is quite large but can launch smoothly on many turn-by-turn devices.
KhaineSG CODE: SEED - Seihi no Uta | Global


Interesting fighting mechanic. Graphics are not too bad. Need to balance your team for the fights. Enjoying it do far (only just downloaded it for a day)
Sharel_Yuan CODE: SEED - Seihi no Uta | Global


This is really good, overall is really good. At first it was like that, BUT I found lots of bugs. At first it was just a bug with some characters, but it suddenly spread. I can't even play right now, it's always stuck on the loading screen. I've switched from data to wifi, even deleted game data, but nothing helped.

But well, still, this is a really good game. It's really worth, I'm even planning to top up, so I'll wait for the game to be fixed[不滿]
Gbingwaraf CODE: SEED - Seihi no Uta | Global


Нормальная гача-крутилка. Девочки прорисованы на манер Хонкай Инпакта. Убивать время на работе - самое то.
Kendy ngadiman CODE: SEED - Seihi no Uta | Global


Well This game my first impression
i like the graphic
the character design seems smooth also
i will try review after the time i play more
End Game CODE: SEED - Seihi no Uta | Global


Translation sucks. I can't understand how some units worked like Jiang, until I asked the discord. Apart from that, this game is surprisingly well polished. Smooth gameplay with a decent difficulty curve. F2P friendly and the current pre-summon event is great.

Edit: 1 week in. I'm hooked and I bought the extended battle pass. Please support this game and make it last. I wish they would prioritize the english translation though. There's a decent story and nice little flavor texts in this game and it sucks when it's hard to read.
Techgnosi CODE: SEED - Seihi no Uta | Global


Story wasn't too bad. Kind of Arkknights but slightly less dark. The character designs were a lot of fun, though they could add a bit more time with the characters to get to know them. There were two reasons that I stopped playing.

1) In game currency is really hard to get. When you need 2880 for a ten pull and you get 5 for a mission clear it takes a while to get there. Especially with the 7 Day pre-pull set up. You can get enough for a single special 10 pull in time, but the other two go to waste unless you spend for coins.

2) Healing between missions. There's already a stamina system in place. I honestly see zero reason for there to be an additional delay in being able to go to the next mission. Yes, it's only a few minutes. But in those 5-10 minutes I can move onto other things and loose my desire to continue. With how stingy pulls are, it's hard to justify having two teams to hop between, as well.

Lot of potential. Needs some QoL fixes.
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CODE: SEED - Seihi no Uta

pretty good game overall i like the graphics and also the gameplay
Eiyuu CODE: SEED - Seihi no Uta | Global


This game is a lot of fun but the Gacha seems to be rigged somewhat. I rerolled over 100 times and the pre summon never gave more than 1 SSR at 3%. Same with the Summon Banners. You can't get more than 1 until you pulled the first SSR "within 30 pulls" after that it's possible
MªōÃñõsVºldįgørd CODE: SEED - Seihi no Uta | Global


its awesome for now, the characters are lovely,the storyline is good but messy,some word kinda messed,still looking into the game, hoping to enjoy it and looking forward to experience something new
ぱんて CODE: SEED - Seihi no Uta | Global


The rewards for team challenges should be equal.
I can't use the same character, so if a team member gets a strong character first, I only get a weak character.
Even if I'm the fastest to complete the challenge, it's not fair that I only get 6 coins because my character was not used.
If you're going to make a difference in rewards, it should be based on speed, not number of uses.


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