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JP version of Dynasty Heroes.

Much more cuter sprites and much more cooler heroes artwork.

As usual its highly P2W if you want to get strong fast. But this game is actually F2P friendly, just dont spend your gold on useless stuff.

The other difference between this version and english, is that this version force you to use 6 heroes formation, whereas english version you can hold your formation at 3 heroes.

BUT on this version you can get to vip8 status, just by online daily. You can get 150pts x3 everyday, and eventually you'll accumulate it to 40k pts (vip8).

Tips for newbie: build xiao qiao and focus her artifact (special weapon) until +25 (and stop here). xiao qiao is a must for pve, keep her until you can get xiao qiao avatar card, then you can exchange (available at lv75) her for other heroes. its useless to have 2 xiao qiao, unless you play as wu.

Tips for choosing faction: wei is the cheapest, han (lubu's faction) is 2nd cheapest, wu and shu is the more expensive ones. this is measured by how much gold it cost you to min-max the insignia, since wu and shu will require you to spend extra gold to get supporting insignia.

And lastly this game is not a SPRINT, but a MARATHON. Its all about resillience.

If you have any detailed question, find me at s1 "Fireサガ"
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Desde el inicio ya sentía que no me gustaba su gameplay, es totalmente automático. Debo resaltar que lo que disfrute muchísimo son las actuaciones de voz, los actores son muy conocidos y es un deleite poder oírlos. En definitiva, desde mi punto de vista, el punto más fuerte de este juego es la genialidad de las voces y las expresiones que usan en escena lo que eleva rápidamente la estima a esta entrega. Por otro lado, algo que compite en relevancia con las voces son los diseños de los personajes, me encanta el estilo usado para sus ilustraciones, además de las armaduras y accesorios que visten, propias de su cultura y tradición, las waifus resultan bien atractivas lo cual ayudará a atraer al público.
Primeros minutos: .
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hope this game have global version
oke before instal n play this game
lets view gameplay n gacha👇👇
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Sangokushi Meishoden Gameplay:
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good game
Ai việt nam lập cái group đi
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This game already has a global version. But the graphics are different.
global names is Dynasty heroes: legends of Samkok
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First Look Gameplay, enjoy.
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Sangokushi Meishoden - Strategy RPG Mobile Gameplay in 3 Minutes 😊
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