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Connor Trouvez-le : mon mauvais petit ami


Ok story, no character development in the few first chap, its a "spot the different" games, dont expect much

This is just a "find the different" game, with a few addition but barely affect anything, some of the differences are just insultingly obvious while some is like spot the single different pixel in the 1900x1080 pic, you get about 30 coin after a level completion and uses 200 coin to buy navigator which show you the where different is(one time uses). Rlly basic game, there are notting special, the story is cute and the visual is ok to look at, the character development tho, kinda lack luster, you had the female protagonist and the typical bad boy korea dude as her boyfriend, story didnt tell you when and where they started dating, it just go right in, now the huge thing is after each season the anime get better with the main dude having a few ability buff and background development while the main girl remain blain and turning into a background character with cheap boring plot holes. I got to season 4 and theres seems to be no villain or love competitor, each picture represent the story(if thats what i thought) showing they are going through ordinary high school life and aometimes conflict which resolved in peacefully. Still im looking forward for the next anime season where the main dude get reability, some more scene time and the boy that he took money off was actually a Taliban leader, the mastermind, the Megamind of Korean, and it is the main dude's job is to slap a big ban hammer on his steam account
WilliamGunawan Trouvez-le : mon mauvais petit ami


Кристина Назарова Trouvez-le : mon mauvais petit ami


Когда будет 399 уровень??
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