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Dating Sims... I used to play plenty of these when I was really small but it seems that this game is kind of different on what I've had before. I'm guessing that it is because the game is made from Japan and hence the difference in takes but I might also be wrong.

Anyway, since I can't read anything from this game, (I forgot what I've learned on my JP class already [大哭]) I will just based my rating on what does this game trying to achieve.

The game was made a dating sim but also an advertisement for the idol group presented on this game and objectively, it doesn't fail there. Why? Because for some reason I really find the girls on this game really cute. Some also really appeals more to me but don't get me wrong, they are really all cute looking.

As a dating sim, the game overall feels like a visual novel kinda like what you're gonna see on Bandori. Read the story and you're gonna get gems and stuff. Read these character event stuff and your also gonna get gems.
So many things to read yet I can't read them. [開心]

But Sei, it's for the Japanese audience. [發困]

Oh? Kid! You're awake now. [不滿]

Well, yes, it's for JP audience and I don't really mind if I can't read them. Let's just discuss the other stuff on the game, ok?
As I've said, the game is also an advertisement and to advertise the idol group, players are able to collect portraits of the members. Different kinds with different rarities which if you're a fan of the group, you might be really hooked or pay for the character portraits. How do you get these portraits? By doing gacha! [厲害] We should already know gachas by now and should not be discussed.

But Sei, if we're just collecting portraits wouldn't that be just boring?

Well, if you're not a fan, it probably would be. Plus some of it are locked behind a paywall so non-fans might not get interested for a long time. But you see, it gives people engagement on the game! You see these cute idols on different settings and poses are quite a delight and I would say that it really adds up to the imagination of whatever it is the players of the game will do. [厲害]

Ok, I kind of understand what you're pointing out Sei but is there anything you can do on this game besides story reading and doing gachas?

Oh yes! You see, the game is a dating sim and on dating sims, you somehow need to up the approval rating of the girls to you. It can be sometimes represented by heart with number level or number of hearts up to 5. On this game you get to level up the heart. And as you level it up you get to unlock more story stuff about love with the certain character that gets deeper as you unlock each of the story. Well, that is at least the impression that I'm getting from it.

How do you level them up Sei?

Well, aside from the character level itself that you get to up with some colored gems like on bandori, the heart level goes up when fighting.

They fight on this game?! [驚訝]

Haha! Kinda? [鬼臉] The game have this quest mode where it kinda feels like they have HP and super gauges that lets the members do certain things for effects just like Princess Connect but instead of seeing attacks and buffing action stuff, you will just get some cute reactions and portraits from the members. You will also have somekind of oreimo visual novel feel on the supers/effect stuff because you have to make choices on them before they do something and seems like your choices also do give different effects and reactions which really works on showing how cute the game is. Is the action lackluster? Yes, but it is not made to be flashy and you have to remember that it's made to be cute and it works well there.

So, what are your notes on this game Sei?

For me, the game is for people that likes visual novel and dating sims that can also tolerate gachas. It will also be better for people that are fans of this idol group. But on my playtime? I might not be able to enjoy the story but I sure do enjoy the cute parts. If only there are more on that quest mode aside from the girls' cute reaction and some portrait showing when they're are doing something.
All in all, it's a pass for me. [微笑]
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Hinatazaka is love
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game ini membuat saya senyum senyum sendiri
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Great game[微笑][微笑]
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this is really good game especially for storytelling or storyline
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If you're not lucky in this game's gacha, you can't progress far.
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