X.E.N.O 女神降ろし | 日本語版


My review is based on playing this game for 1 day to make sure i can grasp all the gameplay and how this game goes. This review will be a long one.

The Gameplay:
As we can see in the tag, this is an idle game. But this game is not your usual tap idle game. You need to progress through stages manually and watch the automatic battle. The idle part is, you can claiming a resource like gold, exp, equipment, etc that keep generating every min while you playing even when you're offline. The amount is depend on your current stage progress.

Game Modes:
Nothing new here, just your usual arena, daily dungeon for resources, "trial tower" where you climbing through floor beating all enemies for quick big reward. Also, some other familiar features like guild and such.
One thing that i need to note is the rank up system for your characters. In this game, all the characters is upgradeable from lower grade (N) to higher grade (SR). You can combine the same char with same grade for 1 higher grade of those char or using different char with same grade for another char with higher grade. So it doesn't matter what your gacha result is, since you can still get an SR from rank up. All the characters here have an N grade upto SR grade version.

The Visual:
Just normal, not great but nod bad either. But it quite nice to see, especially when the skill animation appear. Kinda flashy for an idle game, so it nice too look at when you get bored.

For now, the game is quite generous at giving you reward and you can get 1 gacha ticket everyday from daily quest. For the gacha itself, the rate is 5% for SR and you can select upto 2 chars for raising their drop chance. Not bad considering how most gacha game today have a bad drop rate. All the premium packages they sell is also cheap imo, they have a battle pass too. The reward is only gem for gacha tho. Also they have vip system, but you can get those vip exp from clearing main mission.

Good game to play when you need a quick break from your daily activities. Easy to navigate even for people who can't read japanese. So far it's not p2w, just don't expect too much for game quality and graphic since it just an idle game. That's all and thank you for reading.
Lecaton 女神降ろし | 日本語版


Otro juego del género "idle", farmeo automático constante incluso sin entrar al juego y con un combate completamente automático. Como es lo típico, lo que más puede llamar la atención son los personajes (después de todo, se trata de comandar a las diosas), aunque en este caso contamos también con el trabajo de renombrados seiyuus.
Primeros minutos y guía para vincular cuenta: https://youtu.be/bizcU5KLLv8 .
takeru GT 女神降ろし | 日本語版


just so so idle rpg, but i like colect wifus,
& like view the skill animation,,
so cute oppai,, thehehe
oke before instal n play this game
lets view gameplay first 👇👇👇
PDEsterTH 女神降ろし | 日本語版


Megami Oroshi - IDLE RPG Mobile Gameplay in 3 Minutes 😊

InwSiNoN 女神降ろし | 日本語版


น่าลอง ขอลองแปป
Hi Good 女神降ろし | 日本語版


กดกาชาฟรี3ครั้ง เล่นง่าย ถ้าจะใช้เพชรกดกาชา กดได้เเค่วันล่ะครั้งมั้ง ต้องเป็นvip ถึงกดได้หลายครั้งมั้งนะ
7Lords 女神降ろし | 日本語版


Megami Oroshi Gameplay: https://youtu.be/mQIBqpf1JDA
SCطفك 女神降ろし | 日本語版


Christopher Bergdahl 女神降ろし | 日本語版


Turn based idle game, the artwork is good, and that's the only thing that is good. Non-existent gameplay and the actual sprites look bad.
Jae Astrea 女神降ろし | 日本語版


Afk arena but full of waifus
Donzelão200260 女神降ろし | 日本語版


Pra quem tem pressa: é um AFK Arena com las pibas bem [怪笑]
Tá em JP, ent n sei da história haha
Se você não sabe sobre o estilo do jogo, baixe AFK arena, leia as instruções e depois volte para aqui e aproveite las pibas[厲害]
jerem guar 女神降ろし | 日本語版


Need English version..
BroBoez Chetsda 女神降ろし | 日本語版


good art , a lot of waifus
Remi Launois 女神降ろし | 日本語版


It was so so at first, but now they are adding more and more content, it's not extraordinary, but it's still a nice idle rpg
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